Friday, June 30, 2006

Women That act like Men

    You know what pisses me off? People. People who 'say' they are your friends, then turn their backs on you as quickly as they can! Over a year ago I sacrificed my position as a moderator at a popular site---a site that I and another lady helped to bring into being---for just such people! Two of those people have let themselves be known here already, and have finally managed to get under this old cur's skin!


            You met one several times...CoopnTuck. Bitched all the time about my posts here. The last time this person was here I learned two things. One; this person was female(her problem, not mine!). Two; this person was obviously hurt badly by a man. (again, her problem, not mine). So, she took to taking pot-shots at everything that I said here. I got fed up with her shit, and "deleted" her ass!


           Well, let the man-bashing begin!!!! One of her friends (also a damn female) decided SHE would jump on my ass for deleting her friend! She even bitched that this site is all about ME! Excuse me? Didn't I say somewhere that this "blog" is about an old Biker's Life????? That would be ME! Fuck, some people just never get it!


               No, I am NOT DRINKING! I haven't had anything to drink all week! I have had to cut back on my beer-----drastically! Now, if a woman puts herself in a man's place, she will get her feelings hurt! Period. At my present mind-set, if a woman gets in my face in real life, she does so at her own peril. I no longer make the distinction between female and male. Too many fuckin' women desperately DESERVE to be smacked! I don't think I would do the same to them that I would a man, but I would backhand the broad, that's for sure!


            These were people who begged me to do something for them that I KNEW would cost me greatly, yet I did what I had to do for my people. Sheesh! Some folks get screwed, and some get it stuck in and broke off!!! Guess which one I was??? So, for those two chicks, and for anyone else who turned their backs on me-----



                        Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Predjudice, and How it can Surprise You

  Well, well! When I was young, and got moved "up North" as I like to call it, I was glad to finally be out of the South....or so I thought. I had figured I would leave behind all of the old hatreds; whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, and rednecks hating EVERYONE!!!  I grew up poor, so hatred was for rich people, they could afford to hate other persons of different ethnic backgrounds. I have no idea why this is so, but it seems so, anyway.


         So, there I was, new school, new people, and I was the "darling" of the day with my deeply southern accent! Oh, yes, I was the center of attention...the girls were falling all over themselves to talk to me. I guess it was the novelty of my "funny" way of talking. Don't worry, I knew the attention was only momentary. The 'new' would wear off soon enough! Still, I knew I could capitalize on their curiosity toward me.


          I picked out this one chick that was VERY interested in me. I had her phone number and address, and the knowledge that her parents were out of town for a week...interested indeed!!! I happened to tell one of the other boys about the phone number(the rest of the details remained for "my eyes only"). He acted shocked, and told me that the girl was 'jewish'. He said this like it was a bad thing. I was confused.


          I was further informed that I was a good Catholic boy, and jews were off limits, they were something less than human. What??? What was I hearing? I couldn't go out with a girl because of her religion? I asked my uncle, no mystery there, he told me to "go for it". My grandmother, on the other hand, was completely floored! I was forbidden to even speak to this girl. I was a 'special' child when I was born, according to her, because I was born in a convent. But, I didn't even like going to church!!!  Saying that, at that moment, cost me evening Mass and confession, and an early morning Mass.


        All of this crap because the girl's religion was different than mine! This was the NORTH, and people there hated for the same pathetic reasons that people HERE hated each other. There were people that used the "N" word constantly, and they even had "redneck bars". My Uncle used to point them out to me, and tell meto stay away from them. They even had Klan meetings in some of those bars!!! Nothing ever long as there are different people on the Earth, there will be hate. Even if we were all the same, but were allowed to dress as we wanted, the same shit would go on! C'est la vie!


        P.S.  Don't worry, the girl and I had a wonderful time, and God didn't kill either one of us! So, fuck the dummies who said we couldn't talk to each other!(or do anything else!!!)


                     Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome to the Comedy

   Well, as things are want to go, a couple of my friends from here in town are now on-line! Let us all welcome Michelle and Eric!! Michelle, the jokes are for you today. Like, take my wife, please!! Actually, my wife and I have a love-hate relationship---she LOVES HATING me!!! But, seriously, we have a give-and-take philosophy....I keep giving, and she keeps taking!!!   Ahhh, I'm just kidding, I love my wife like a sister----oh, wait, this is Mississippi, she may BE my sister!!!!!!!!!!


            Ok Michelle, those should keep me in the barn for at least untill cold weather comes!!! Folks, Eric and I share a love of video games. He can usually be found at my house, playing games, or swapping codes, or games, or other gear. Hell, if his wife can't find him, I think she calls ME before she calls Eric's MOM!!! LOL


                Well, my oldest daughter will be 23 years old July 7th, and HER daughter will be six years old on July 18th. Oh, also in there is my wife's and my 24th wedding anniversary!! Actually, it is July the 4th. Before we were married, I promised her parades and fireworks on our anniversary. She said that I could never keep that promise, so I married her on the 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER break a promise!!!


         Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Enough is Enough!!!

       Everyone, sit down and write a letter to our 'Great Esteemed All Powerful Leader', president George W. Bush, Jr. In this letter you only need write three words..."Enough is Enough".


            Did we learn nothing in Vietnam? There is no way to win a guerilla war. The out-matched little guys in Vietnam kicked our asses, and left us with 58,000 dead young men and women, and countless others missing. Russia spent ten years in Afghanistan, and ended up with the same outcome as we did in the 'Nam. The guerillas win every time. How do you think WE beat the Brits back in the 1700's?


             I understand the motives for our troops being in the middle east, I do. But, after four years of having them send our troops back home in body bags, I have had enough. I am especially pissed off to know that the same people we are fighting against were provided with AMERICAN WEAPONS, and AMERICAN MONEY!! Our government even HELPED these same people to push their drugs all over the world! And our own C.I.A. trained these assholes!


             Oh, wait, you don't believe that? Well, just find Colonel Oliver North, and I'm sure he could give you some insight into this matter! Ever hear of a little nation called "Nicaraugua"?  We did the same there, too. Has everyone forgotten that the United States provided Saddam Hussien with biological weapons back in the 80's? And we also turned a blind eye when he used said weapons on his own people, and the Iraquis?


           The United States Government needs to stop meddlin' in other people's affairs! Did you know that to placate China, and North Korea, we are prepared to send them BILLIONS in "aid"? I'm sorry, but "aid" seems to be spelled another way here---"b-r-i-b-e." There are far too many things that money could be used for here at home!  Fuck these little piss-ant countries! Let them kill each other, and we can just stay out of it! Not one more of our troops should have to die; I should not have to watch any more broken-hearted parents on CNN every morning; I should NOT have to listen about the BILLIONS of dollars in "aid" paid to these assholes just to make them happy.


               Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Way it Should Be

          Good Day to all. This diabetes thing isn't too bad. I don't think I like the part about sticking my finger all the time. I can change that, however, with a different type of monitor. No big deal.


            Now, on to today's 'title'. Yesterday when my doc told me what the tests had revealed, she just came out and said, "you are diabetic, come to my office right now, and let's get some things straightened out". I like that. No bullshit, no beating around the bushes like someone trying to catch a snake!


              My doc understands me, she knows that I face everything head-on, and she always tells me things, good or bad, the same way! That is the way it should be. This is the only way that I know. I can't stand for people to him and haw around, and not get to the point. If you are long winded, but get to the point quickly, THEN start yackin' a whole lot, I can live with that! Have a good day, and I will keep those of you who care updated as things change......or if some idiot manages to piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good News, Bad News

 Ok, my little "minions", the good news is that it is only type two at this point. The bad news is that I am a diabetic. That is why I have not been here for a few days. I have been busy going for tests this week. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


          Don't worry, though. You will never hear me say "why me"?  I prefer to think, "why NOT me"? Am I better than anyone else who has this condition? No, I am not, so, why not me? I surely wouldn't wish it on someone else! I guess I will just have to use my best weapon in this fight---the internet, and the knowledge I can glean from it!


         This is nothing more than another hurdle in my life, and I will clear it. Don't feel bad for me, I certainly don't. This is just another challenge that has been put to me. I have been through far worse. Don't believe me? Go to the beginning of this journal, and you will see!!! Take care untill we 'meet' again!!!


                 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006


  Dear Ms.


         I understand, and respect your position. I just wanted to say that first. Now, having said that, I would direct your attention to something called "etiquette". You can disagree with someone without making it personal. I disagree with what you said about me, and my decision, but I have no intention of making it personal. I sort of know who the person is, and I used to respect them, but personal attacks are out of the question.


            Several people have  "called me out" about things I have said. I consider that a "learning experience", both for myself, and them. It's really very simple; you can agree to disagree, but please, don't attack me personally.


                            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Have You Ever been Mellow?

 Have you ever loved someone so much that they touch your soul? Have you ever known someone, who, when you look into their eyes, you could literally get lost? Have you ever loved someone so much that after twenty years together, you still hold hands in public, and damn what others think? I have, and I can't say that the experience was all bad.


        Now, just imagine if that person hurt you. Not just your everyday broken heart, hell I can deal with a broken heart. I'm talkin' about a deep down hurt, one that goes all the way to your soul. A hurt that seems like it will never heal. A hurt that shakes you to your very core. I know, I have heard it all before; "don't get so involved that you get hurt". Sometimes, things just aren't that black and white. Sometimes, there really are grey areas.


      Love sucks, believe me, but loving someone so deeply that they can actually hurt your very soul sucks worse! I know that I am a fool for getting that involved....I should have my ass kicked. I have felt that kind of hurt. I don't recommend that anyone else try to experience that. It can suck the life right out of you, I can tell you that by personal experience. I no longer want to go on living, and it has been that way for a few months now. I wish I could change it, but I can't.


            Did I mention that this person had a voice like the tinkling of fine crystal? Did I also mention that I would do anything for this person? Did I mention that this person was a part of my life everyday? This person was an angel to me, plain and simple. Now, I only argue with this person, no more decent words pass between us. This is breaking my heart every minute it continues. I just can't stand the thought of this person with someone else, therefore you can see just WHY I no longer want to live. I  am sorry we no longer get along like we did, but YOU did this to us. I just can't understand WHY? Did I expect too much from my angel? I have kept my promise to you, and still you treat me like shit, like I was the one who did wrong.....


          Whatever you do, remember this...some women can hurt you with impunity. They might hide it well, but you WILL find it out, eventually. Just don't get too deeply involved. What I wouldn't give for a couple hits of "purple microdot" right now. Can you even find that anymore?


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reply to a Reply

  Well, last Thursday I made a comment about an ATF Agent who infiltrated a motorcycle gang; It might help to note that the gang was definitely "Hard Core". If you live in Cali you might have heard of them. They go by the name of Mongols, and fly black and white colors. They are the wildest bunch of bikers in the nation, they have even backed down the much beloved(by me, anyway) Hells Angels, who fly the traditional red and white colors.


      I said that the agent was "scum", and one of my readers has called me on it. Let me tell you just why I think this man is scum. All through his book, he proffesses his "love" for his Mongol Brothers. He even goes so far to say that when his mother died while he was undercover with the gang, that NOT ONE of his ATF buddies said anything to him. Not one of them even consoled him. But, in the same breath, he tells how his "Brothers" all told him how sorry they were, and that they loved him. That is the nature of "patching in". Once you are accepted, any brother would stand back-to-back and fight or die for you. That never changes.


            He even talks about feeling sorry for the guys he has to testify against. What I don't like is the fact that HE was breaking the law, too. But that was ok, because he was an ATF Agent. I say Bullshit! The people who enforce the laws constantly "bend" them to suit their needs! Also is the fact that he took an oath to become an ATF Agent, but he also took a BLOOD OATH to become a Mongol. If he has no problem breaking one oath, what's to say he has no problem breaking the other?


          The man is clearly fucked up. He is a back-stabber, and cannot be true to ANY oath he takes! I never said he wasn't a good cop, from the work he did, and staying with the gang for more than two years without getting killed, I would say that he is an exceptional cop. I have a problem with his, what's the word I am looking for, Loyalties? How can you say that you love your Brothers, and then watch as YOU personally send them to prison? That's wrong. When you SWEAR an oath, there is NO way you can go back on it, NEVER!!!!!


       I have never broken a promise to anyone, consequently, I rarely make promises. I have NEVER gone back on my oath as a Biker, either.I write about some of the shit I did while in a gang, but I give no dates, and no other names, except for my uncle, and  I do that purely out of respect for the man. No, my problem with this cop is his inability to keep his word...a blood oath goes a long way, and I would NEVER break one of those, even under threat of DEATH!!!


             Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Music, and "How to get Banned from this Site"

   My last entry drew some harsh comments from a particular thorn in my side, so, that person, and their comments were "deleted" from this site. I am sick and tired of this person being the protaganist in my life. I have plenty of shit to put up with already, I don't need anymore. So, goodbye to bad garbage! I don't mind if someone disagrees with me, that's what I am here for, to make you think, to hopefully make you speak up about certain things. To get you "fired up", so to speak! But this person continued to make remarks about ME PERSONALLY. So, bye-bye!


      Now, on to the music. Do any of you listen to this (c)rap music? I can understand some of it, and I just don't seem to like it. Why do you say you love a woman, and then call her bitches and ho's in the same breath? And the sexual inuendos are completely ridiculous! Not to mention the parts about "capping" cops. (ok, so I actually enjoy those parts!) And the "heavy metal" these days is just a bunch of screaming!


        Now, I know that I am kind of a rebel, and goodness knows I have listened to my fair share of music. I know rock, heavy metal, some hip-hop, popular, classical, even good ol' shit-kickin' country music. Just give me some Steppenwolf, Neil Young, Beatles, Uriah Heap, Judas Priest, Kiss, whatever! Just keep this modern crap that you call "music"!!  I have spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!


                   Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Who Needs a Subject?

  Ahhhh, Heavy Metal Music. There is nothing that clears the soul like that!!! I love heavy metal when I feel like shit, and today, I feel like shit. I guess  I have become frustrated with my wife's lies, and refusal to talk about what happened to her since taking this fuckin' job of hers! Silence pisses me off the most, and she KNOWS that. I suspect that is the reason that she does it to me!


          I hate it when someone lies to me. I get more upset about that than anything. My mother had a saying about liars...."you can catch a thief when he tries to steal the shirt off of your back, but a liar can get you killed". Too true ma, too true!!! I just had to put up with my wife yelling at me that she is tired of the smart ass remarks....quit lying, woman, and you won't hear anymore of them!!! Some women think that if they lie, then try to turn it back on you, that you will just accept it....I used to, but not anymore!


               I hate anyone who lies, but I especially hate it when a woman lies. It just looks bad for a woman to lie. Some of us guys just don't expect women to lie to us. I used to be one of those I have learned, and grown up. I no longer live in my little fantasy world. Women can lie just as quick as men, and are infinitely BETTER at it.  But, for my one reader, not ALL women lie to their men, just certain ones. I hope she doesn't pinch me again for saying all women!! HaHaHaHa!!!


            Hey, this is the old Dragon saying, "take care of each other, and please, don't lie to your significant other, it can destroy a good relationship!!!". 


                      Holla' If You Hear Me!!!!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

More About the Dragon's Habit---

      I have been asked by some close friends why I drink as much as I do. I consider that to be a valid question, as I tend to drink about a six-pack every evening. And, since I haven't drank in about 20 years. When I was young, I used to take two fifths of whiskey(Jack Daniels), to work every day. The first fifth would get me through about four hours, and the second fifth was for the next four hours. I finally faced the facts---I was an alchoholic. Yes, that I was. I was able to break myself of the habit. No hospital, no help, just a couple of weeks of sweatin' it out. I was finished with drinking. I finally kicked drugs the same way. It's tough, but it can be done.


          So, after all of that, why would I start drinking again? I gave up on living. quite simply. I had to ask myself, "how does a man that has been married, and faithful for 23 years, deal with some of the things that my "loving" wife has put me through in the past year"? Well, we go back to what we know best! And I know drinking...and druggin'.  Although I have yet to get back on the drugs, it is certainly tempting. I just need to escape from this way or another.


                I hope my wife reads this...she has, of late, stopped coming here. I guess the truth hurts. Believe me, from my side, it certainly does. My only hope is that I finally die, or piss off the right person, and they kill me. She has told me that she hates me, and even said that she hopes that a certain guy that I accused her of being with "beats my ass". I wish he would...there wouldn't be enough left to pick up!! I would end that little punk's run right then and there!!! There would be no weapons involved, except for my hands and feet. I would show him the error of his ways...quickly, and eternally!


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!!


    Today's writing will most certainly draw some heat. I could care less. If you don't agree with it, go find somewhere else to spend your time on this great "Information Highway"! Either way, it is just MY feelings and MY opinion. A few years from now, this won't mean anything to anyone.


              My wife brought home a book for me to read. The title is "Under and Alone".  It is the story of a man who was/is an ATF agent that managed to penetrate a motorcycle gang out in California. I refuse to print his name here as he is pure SCUM! Yeah, yeah, I hear you already...."He is a law enforcement officer just doing his job". Bullshit.


       He claims that this was an "outlaw motorcycle gang". Well, boo hoo!! They ALL are outlaws, just by pure definition! So they sold some drugs, and killed a few people. That is their business, NOT the ATF's. Look folks, if we lock up EVERY biker that sells drugs, then we have stopped the drug problem. NO, NOT HARDLY. Here's an idea...people quit buying the shit!!! Oh, and the "murders"....well, if you try to screw over these guys on money or drugs, guns, women, whatever, you might find yourself with some "extra" openings in your body. You should have known better! There is a VERY GOOD reason for smart people giving bikers a wide berth when they see them. Short story is that they tend to live happier!


          My biggest problem with this "man" is that he became a MEMBER of the tribe! A full on, color flyin', ridin' MEMBER of the club. That means he took an OATH to be true to the club. He SWORE to go by the club constitution, and the by-laws of the club. Now, to me, if you take an oath to an organization, and you give your word, if you break that word, then you should have NEVER been there to begin with. He took this oath knowing that he would break it.....he is a piece of shit! You never give your word, and then go back on it, never. Not much of a "man" if you ask me.


               And what happened after the ATF's mighty hammer came down on the club? This "man" states in the book that he "hid behind some of the best ATF agents, all with sub-machineguns for several weeks". Those are his words, not mine. A true pussy if I ever saw one!


             I left an "outlaw" club, and have NEVER hid out. I didn't need to. The oath I gave before those men still holds today. It will hold untill they plant my ass in the ground, and I will recite it for old Satan himself, if he exists!


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Slow Days

   Well, as with any other Sunday, I spent the day with my wife. We did a lot of "couples" junk, and then we came home. My youngest daughter came home from her friend's house yesterday. So, she and my granddaughter played together for a while.


          I decided to grill some hamburgers late yesterday evening, so I set about doing that. My wife came home and had some pajamas for our neighbor; do you remember about the guy I told you about that was dying from cancer? I hope you do. Well, I told my wife to ask if he and his wife had eaten dinner,(actually, I just hollered across the street), and I told her to take them a couple of burgers.


         I didn't give it another's just something you do for someone. I figure his wife is kept busy caring for him, maybe she needed a break from cooking. Whatever, it's just something you never even give any thought to. You just do it, and go on about your business. You don't ask for anything in return, that's not why you do things for people. At least, not me.


           So, about an hour later the phone is our neighbor's wife. She wanted to speak to my wife. After my wife hung up the 'phone, she told me that our neighbor hadn't eaten in the past four days, and his wife said he ate BOTH the burgers that she had taken to them! My wife asked if she would like some more, Mrs. J. declined, but said to "tell your husband that Mr. J. said he was a great cook!!!" Mrs. J was just happy that Mr. J. had finally eaten something.


            The burgers, and all of the fixin's that went with them were cheap....the thanks of a neighbor was priceless. I was happy to know that I may have helped in some small way. There is a moral here.....I know what it is, I will let YOU decide just what it means to YOU.


            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Iron Angels

  Yes, they exist...Iron Angels!! Listen up, I know that some of you who read here also ride, or, like me, used to ride. There is a man in central Georgia who is attempting something that has never been done before, at least not to my limited knowledge.


         He is building a TOWN for BIKERS ONLY!!! No bullshit! I have seen it.....Nirvana on Earth!!! No everyday plain-ass freaks here! No fuckin' yuppies! I have a link to his site, and I don't think AOL would be too upset if I put it here. There are businesses OWNED by BIKERS, for BIKERS!!! How good would it be to walk in a town FULL of BIKERS? No one pointing and whispering...telling their kids, "don't go around that, you don't know where it's been!!!". HAHAHAHA


             Do me a favor...I don't think I have ever asked you to do something for me, so, please, go to the site, and have a look around. This guy started with a cow pasture, literally! Now, he has a town on that spot! A town for BIKERS! At least go to squelch your curiosity!!!!


            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Equal Time

 Ok, so I got pinched by one of my female "minions" for making a general statement about women in general. I deserved it, I admit it. So, to give equal time, here we go.


              Did you know that there is actually a web site devoted to "outing the cheaters" among us? Oh, wait, did I mention that it is run by women? Did I also mention that it only "outs" male cheaters? Men who meet women on line, and bed them, but are married. Hmmm, a place for tramps to go to after they fall for some guy's lies, and publicly shame him after the fact???  Yeah, that seems fair to me! Why don't they tell women's names who cheat? Oh, sorry, I didn't quite hear that response?


           Oh, I see. Men are dogs, and more prone to cheating!  WRONG! These days it is about 50/50 on that score. Now, my young female reader told me that she could replace the word women  with the word men in my writing....and she is most probably right. We have all been screwed over at one time or another by the opposite sex...some of you have been screwed over by the same sex... but that is for another time!


          Whether it was an accident(and no, I don't consider an affair an accident!), or whether it was on purpose(I won't use any names here), we have ALL felt the sting of betrayal, and it hurts. Yes, contrary to popular belief, men have feelings. Its just that our society puts such stock in men being "hard" that we can't possibly show them! And, no, I haven't made it to the "sensitive man" of the '80's! I am who I am, and sometimes I come down a little rough on females.


            Here is a news flash...females cheat too!!! It has been going on since the first poor bastard dragged the first woman back to his cave! If he had only known what he was in for. I don't understand people...sometime in your life, YOU will hurt someone you love. And I DON'T mean family...but a spouse, or a boy/girlfriend. Why do we do it? It only brings bad feelings, and a lot of work to repair the damage,(I know from personal experience!). Why do we hurt each other, and then say we can't stand each other?


          Ever hear this one; "I swear to God I will NEVER date anyone else"? It happens everyday! Ask someone WHY they hurt the one they loved, and they can never come up with a good answer, if they come up with one at all!!! THINK before you can save yourself, and your "other half", a lot of hurt feelings later on down the road! Take care of each other.


                    Holla' If You Hear Me!!!