Monday, February 21, 2005

Is It Finished Yet?


...And the voices, lo, they now speak

To a mind, twisted and weak.

They now scream into my brain-

I feel as if I am completly insane.


They want blood, it would seem,

For actions, real or percieved.

They scream in my mind,

And tell me it is time.


"Time for what", I do not know,

I only hear them saying "Go, go go".

I have tried my best to fight them away,

I fear I have lost the battle this day.


So, for better, or for worse,

I write this down, in line and in verse.

It stands before me, time itself,

I must put everything upon the shelf...


This is terrible, hearing what I hear,

What happens next will bring tears.

But to who? I cannot say,

I only know that this will be a very bad day.


My Muse is dead...killed by the voices

So dark, so lonely, I will make bad choices.

I don't want what happens next,

It seems as if I am vexed.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


The first cut is always the deepest....and, it would seem, the easiest for some to make.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Poem---I Hope

-------------------------The Breaking-----------------------------


A heart, constant, steady, loving and true,

Stabbed with the dagger of mistrust, cleav'd in two.

Dark anger, brooding, and rage,

Have Love replaced.


It lays, blackened, bleeding, and lifeless...

Shattered, as a glass upon the floor.

Shall it stay as such forevermore?


The drama that is life is fraught with love and strife.

We see, and try to turn away,

But it draws us in, day after day.


Still, we struggle to carry on-

To continue is futile;

To give up is infantile.


Take the heart,

Shattered upon the floor...

Hold it, and look upon it,

But weep for it no more.

Say it Ain't So!!

 Today at AOL the headlines proclaim that talks have broken down, and the entire season of NHL hockey is cancelled. I laughed! Cancelled! I don't know all of the particulars, but I could care less.

 I can only assume that the players were holding out for more money. And the owners wouldn't pay it. Please, Please, Please, do this with ALL of the sports!!! Overpaid, Prima Donnas is all that they are. Baseball, football, soccer(I don't have to tell you just how violent the "patrons" of that sport are!), all of it...get rid of it.

 Fans fighting in the stands, pro atheletes raping, killing, starting gunfights in the streets, and knowing that they are paid enough to get by with ANYTHING they can dream up. It's bullshit, and I say it should stop.

  You want "Sports"? Go to "bloodfights". Have men in the ring fight untill one of them is dead. That is where we are headed anyway. Cut out all of the bullshit, and just do it! C'mon, "let's get it on"!

  This sounds familliar....oh, wait, ROME! Just over 2,000 years ago! The biggest, most powerful empire on the face of the Earth, brought down by the sheer decadance of it's people. Shall we take a trip down Memory Lane?

 Crooked politicians--check. Large gap between the rich  and the poor---check. Rampant devious sexual practices---check. Invaders at every border, and within---check. Fanactical, and short sighted leaders---check. Far over-reaching conquests---check. A nation forcing it's will onto others---check. All this was Rome.

 And how about America? Did you read the last paragraph??

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Misplaced Time---

I know, I know...I haven't written in a week. Bite me. My muse is FINALLY back. Geez, she can leave at the worst times. And now, she wants union wages!! Friggin' Unions...I told her "NO", she could walk out if she wanted to! There are plenty of muses out there, maybe I could find a darker one to use, anyway.

Ok, enough bitchin'. The kids and grandkids are still in old Mexico, so it is kind of boorriinngg around here. BUT, on a better note, the missus and I seem to be on great terms! What else could you ask for? I am trying to eat healthier lately. I figure if I can give up smoking for over a year, I can do other things to try and better my health!

 I haven't drank ANY alchohol for YEARS, and I quit doing drugs long ago(the ones from the doctors are better, and you DON'T get busted for having them!!). I have eaten so many salads that I am afraid someone's hunting dogs will mistake me for a rabbit!! But, all is not lost; My wife and I had dinner out Sunday, for Valentine's Day, and I had steak. Yes, large, bloody rare steak!! And it was good...

I eat meat, period. I always have, and always WILL. You can take my smokes, booze, drugs, whatever, but I will keep meat in my diet. If the stores quit selling it, I can still hunt for it in the woods. And I will, if I have to. No vegetarians here!

Well, let me check out the rest of the world, and see who is doing something bad to who. Was there ever a day when you could check the news and NOT see something bad? Well, that is for another day, and another column........................................

I have been quit for 1 Year, 2 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 9 hours, 38 minutes and 55 seconds (440 days). I have saved $1,156.04 by not smoking 15,414 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 12 hours and 30 minutes of my life.

Monday, February 7, 2005

What're YOU looking at???

 Not much to write about today. Just another rainy, cold, winter day "down in redneckville". I swear, someone should make a song out of that! I fear my Muse has left me for the Bahamas!  Let her go...

 I would NEVER leave the good ole U.S. of A. right about now. Too many people want to see us dead. And let's face it, folks, you just cannot hide a Southern accent. Although we can be wily sons-of-bitches, I don't think you stand a chance at about 40,000 feet! No, I think I will stay put, right here in redneckville!

Ok, so I had a few random thoughts today---that's about the only kind I have anymore! Play nice, kids, and I will try to place an international call to my Muse. I bet I find her hiding out in Florida AFTER I make some expensive calls!! Till next time---same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!

Friday, February 4, 2005

You MUST be Jokin'!!

Welcome, children, to another day in the 51st state; the State of Confusion! Many of us live here, none of us wants to!! Have you ever had "one of those days"? Well, yesterday went far beyond that!! I have had some strange days, to be sure, in my nearly 45 years on this little rock that we call Earth---yesterday surpassed MANY of them in sheer sublimity(is that even a word?).

 My wife had the day off from her job, so she decided to take me for lunch. Never one to pass up a free meal, I went with her! We headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant, sat down, and proceeded to order. Now, I went "light", with just a Taco Salad, my wife wanted something more "substantial", and ordered something with lots of meat in it. What happened next has NO BEARING on the fact that these waiters are Mexican. There is a slight language barrier there, but that is usually easily overcome.

 My wife ordered sweet-tea for a drink with her meal, I made the mistake of ordering coffee. This is sometimes a real bother for the waiters...they don't serve coffee here. I believe that I am the only person who orders it! I know it will un-failingly be "instant" coffee. The water is put into a cup, and the whole thing is 'nuked' in a microwave oven untill even the cup is the temperture of the sun! Then it is brought to you.

 Maybe the planets were mis-aligned yesterday, or the moon was in the wrong phase, or lady luck just wanted to fuck with my head, I may never know the reason why. What I got yesterday when I ordered coffee was a cup of HOT WATER! I sat there, playing with it, making jokes like "sure is thin coffee", or that it must be that new "stealth coffee", or "coffee light".

 At this point, my wife is freakin' out trying to get me to "shut the hell up". I thought it was funnier than hell!! I have always watched other people in public. I can tell you just what kind of person they are by how they treat service persons. If you are an ass with people trying to wait on, and serve you, then you are an ass pretty much all of the time.

 But wait, there's MORE!!! The waiter comes BACK with a small jar of 'Folgers Instant Coffee'. He sets the jar down, and leaves!!! Of course, other people saw this, and their mouths were agape. They were actually shocked, and, for once in their lives, they were speechless!! Well, I can tell you right now, I did what ANY bad-ass Biker would have done---I asked if they needed help on the grill!!!!!!!!!!! Or, maybe they needed help washing dishes!!! If they didn't have time to make ONE cup of coffee, I figured they could use the help!!!!!

 Everyone in the place was stunned!! Looking at me, they all expected to see a big ol' scene, complete with maybe a few punches being thrown. I had one of the best laughs I have had in just about forever!! I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants! Of course, my wife was suitably embarassed. I just can't figure out WHY?? She knew the job was dangerous when she married me!!!!!

 I don't get it...anyone else there would have thrown a fit, and walked out. What have people become? They take everything personally. Maybe they should spend a few days waiting tables! Look, folks, life offers far more moments of pain and suffering than humor. When life gives you the chance to laugh, even just for a moment, take it! It might help later on, down the road.

Be true to yourself, but be civil to others.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Real-Life Idiots--(yes, they ARE real!)

My, my, my. Idiots---they DO walk among us!! Folks, listen carefully. The great Confucious once said, "Better to keep silent, and let the world think you a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". Read that carefully, and remember it for life. Sometimes it is better to NOT speak!

 I spent the better part of Sunday with my wife and youngest child. Now, my wife works for a charitable orginazation, in one of their stores. Naturally, I hear about some of the customers, and their "odd" ways. Well, Sunday, I got to meet one of these 'persons'(and I use that term VERY loosely).

It was a 'man'. Or should I simply say a male of the species Homo-Sapien?. My wife pointed him out as we were looking over some electronics. I knew this guy was gonna be a "dick" before he ever opened his mouth; He did not disappoint me! Maybe some people just don't realize how dangerous life really is??

I walked past him, not intending to speak to him; he blew that, too. He looks me up and down, then asks my wife where she found the "Outlaw Biker Type" she was hanging out with. Then proceeds to expound on the fact that she "surely picked out a big one"! This from a man that would easily hit 400 pounds on the scales!!

  I turned back to him, and was about to inform him that I had had enough of his shit, but about that time a small arm slid beneath mine, and she said, rather proudly I might add, that this "Outlaw Biker Type" was her husband. The shock on his face was all I need to see.

 But, being who I am, I still gave him my best "fuck off" look. Wife said  "lets go", and I left with her and my daughter. It was fun to see this stupid-ass picking his jaw up from the floor!! And, he STILL just doesn't get it! Get what, you ask?

  I know he left that store saying the same thing I used to..."How do guys like that get girls like THAT"?? It is simple. I have never hit my wife, I have never slept around with others since we were married. If she says she is going to a friend's house, I trust her to do just that. If someone bothers her, I will intervene---IF I AM ASKED---she has strengths of her own.

 I will buy feminine products if she asks. I will hold her purse in public, if need be. I have cared for her when she was sick, and will continue to do so. I will never leave her, unless she wants me out of her life(those strengths I told you about). Almost 23 years ago I promised her SHE was the only woman in my life...that promise is as strong today as then.

 How do guys like me get girls like that? We know that a woman is NOT something to be ground under our heel, or used as we see fit. If you believe in the Bible, the way I have read it, Adam was given a gift; a great and wondrous gift! Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs---doesn't that mean Eve was a PART of Adam? But I might be wrong, maybe some read it like Adam should have to ENDURE this woman?? Yeah, that's why THOSE guys are asking that stupid question!!

 OK, so this turned into TWO things: Idiots and assholes. You know better than to get me started!!!!!!!