Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life Is Good

Things are going well here. I still need to write to my Uncle. Nothing important, I  just like to keep him up to date on whatever is happening in my life. No special reason for this course of action, just fun, I guess. Since I last wrote here, I have purchased a special turntable for putting my records onto my computer. I have listened to cd's for far too long. I had forgotten about the hissing and popping on records!!! I guess that is two of the reasons for switching to cd's!

        My youngest daughter has aquired a job at the local K-Mart! This is her first real job, and so far she loves it! I hope she continues to do well at it. My oldest daughter continues to vex me. She clearly has something wrong with her health, but refuses to see a doctor! I have spoken to her repeatedly about this issue. She just shines me on, and says "ok daddy". This course of action is getting her nowhere! I can only hope she does something before it is too late for her...

          Well, I just cranked up some Lenny Kravitz...Later dayzzzzz kiddies! Remember, He who dares, wins!

Monday, August 6, 2012

New News!

Welcome back to this train wreck that is my life! Good news, bitches! I lost 19 pounds on my last trip to the doctor's  office! That is about all of the good news, except that my blood-sugar was down, also! I guess losing weight caused it to go down a little. The doctor was excited for me, as was I.

       If there is anymore good news I will post it here. Also, the kids started back to school today...I bet I know two grandkids who were not happy about that news! Later...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heroes or Not?

I am sick to death about hearing that all cops are heroes! The majority of them are PIGS! They are scum, and not worthy to be called "hero". Cops do illegal shit, and then lie for each other. Hell, they don't even deserve the time I am devoting writing this!

          On a more positive note, I am trying to alter some of my eating habits. Because of the diabetes, and whatnot. I tried tofu for the first time today. I think the liners in my shoes have a better taste! It was worth trying, so I will try to stick to it for now.

        Everyone is doing well. I recently bought a Kinnect motion sensor for my XBOX 360. I am actually surprised at how well it works! Vinny and Roze just love it. I am glad to see them playing with it! Till later, folks!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Having a Low Day

Hi, guys and girls, the old dragonmaster is back once again! I have a love for Dragons that stretches as far back as my early childhood. I used to make my mom put on Peter Paul and Mary singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" every damn night when I went to bed! Even though my mother was afflicted with a mental illness, there were some good times every now and then.

          I, unfortunately, inherited that same mental illness. I am Bi-Polar, and suffer from depression. I don't think I have ever posted it that plainly here before. So, there it is...the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room! Sometimes it is hard to overlook it; sometimes I can get by. Sometimes not. Imagine a large dump truck parked on your chest...that is how it feels sometimes. Oh! I haven't even mentioned the panic attacks that spring up at the worst times!!!

             Add to the fact that I live in Mississippi. The WORST STATE for trying to get help with a mental illness. Aside from other "normal" people making fun of you and laughing at what is arguably a real problem! I just say "fuck 'em". They will never know the pain in my heart, and the voices in my head telling me to harm them! I can go from a slow boil to a seething rage in an instant. I just want to destroy everything in sight. Imagine trying to control that with no help. Ok, enough crying about something that cannot be fixed. You guys and girls keep your shit together...maybe tomorrow will be better!

                                                       Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What are We?

What are we? We are living, breathing organisms. But what about the whole Universe? Could it actually be just a very complex living organism? A single entity, a life force existing solely on it's own? I just think about these things from time to time. Maybe I am wrong about the whole deal...but what if I am right? What if the Universe IS just a single, living entity? Food for thought, huh?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Good Day to You

Well, I am back, and not with much to say. The days are quiet, and kind of boring. I will continue to publish here, even though I am the only one still reading here!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Time No See!

Well, it is several months into the future...Christmas went off without a hitch, and the baby is now running everywhere! I haven't been here because of Facebook. I have wasted a lot of time there. I don't post there, I just read what others post, and play a couple of the games! Vinny and Roze had a great year at school. Roze took home six awards for exellence, and Vinny took home five. He says this is the last time his sister beats him! He vows to get more awards next year. I am pulling for him. he has finally settled down to the work it takes to excell in school.

          Otherwise, things are quiet around here. Take care, and I will try to not take so long getting back here.