Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Great Day

Well, this has been one tough month so far. At least this past Tuesday I had both grandchildren all day! I tell you, those two can wear the horns off of a brass billy-goat! The shit at home is still the same, I hate my wife, and she hates me! At least I have some beer for now. it seems like the only time my muse is around is when I drink. There is Vodka in the fridge, but I hate the taste of that stuff. To me it tastes like lighter fluid!


       I will just stick with beer and whiskey! My best friend is named "Jack"....Jack Daniels, that is!!! See that? That was my muse! Don't worry, I am not drunk, I am just on my first....oops, second, beer at this point. I need a whole case to be drunk! An entire case gets me a good buzz for about an hour before it starts going away.


        NEWS FLASH!!! I found the Uncle that I write so much about! After at least 30 years, I found him. He is out West, and makes traditional long bows! He is currently making me a custom bow as we speak. His brother, my other uncle, is with him!!! I am making both of them a custom knife to keep! Yes, I still make jewelry, but if you were reading last year, you might recall that I started making deer-horn handle knives. I only make these knives to order, and each one is different from the others. This is neccesary due to the difference in the horns!


      Be good, and be good to each other. Keep love in your heart, and never harm others. Love you guys...Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

My "Littte Sister"

As any of you who come here knows by now, I lost a very dear friend a couple of weeks ago. She has embarked on the "Great Spirit Journey". This is a journey that all of us will make. Do not worry for her, she will be ok. I promise this to you, and to her.


     Mother Earth, or Gaia, will embrace her for all eternity. She now walks with my spirit brothers, the wolf and the bear. They will accompany and protect her from now on. My spirit animal, the great red hawk, will guide and advise her on her journey. I have sent my spirit brothers and the great hawk to help my friend because she helped me on many occaisions. She never asked for anything in return, but I owe her this. I owe her this as a human, as a friend, and as a brother.


       We give her to you, Mother Earth. Please hold and comfort her in her time of need. Please point her in the right direction as she begins this long journey. Please love and comfort her. We ask this of you, Mother Earth.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Short Story Contest

There is a contest to write a  short story or poem using certain words and phrases. The lady that is sponsoring this contest will give away a bunch of cosmetics to the winner. Now, I don't need cosmetics, but I promised them to my daughter if I win. So, you tell me what you think...


                      Death Of A Princess

Long, long ago, there lived two souls. A man and a woman. Between them there was such a love as no other. A love that was timeless, ageless, and more Caring than any other. They were husband and wife, Prince and Princess. They enjoyed their time together, but there came a time when the husband had to go off to fight in some stupid war. War raged all around his kingdom. He had to protect his home, and those that he loved.
       The wife longed for her Soul-Mate to come back to the safety of their castle, back to her loving arms. She Day-Dreamed constantly of the time she shared with her Prince. She was Haunted with the memory of him, the smell of him, the feel of him. She could not know that the battle was going well for her Prince. He decided he would send no word in advance, and surprise her with a home-coming!
       The enemy, seeing that the Prince may well win this war sent word to the princess by messenger that her beloved Prince had fallen in battle. Mortally wounded, his heart pierced by the enemy's arrow! The Princess was devastated. Her Tears fell like Crystal upon the floor of the castle. She would see her Soul-Mate no more. Nevermore to touch him, to hold him, to know him. She knew he would be laid into the cold ground. Never to be seen again by anyone in the Kingdom.
        In no time, she made up her mind that she would be with her Prince again. Not even Death himself could hold her back! A dagger on the bedroom dresser, and a quick plan of action. She quickly plunged the dagger into her own breast! In merely a second the deed was done. The Princess breathed her last in just a few seconds. She would join her Prince in Death. They both now belong to the ages.
_____The six words I chose for this short story were...Caring, Haunted, Day Dream, Soul Mate, Crystal, and Tears. I hope that you enjoy it!


Monday, May 5, 2008

All Days are Tough

So much depression, and only just so many days. Am I incapable of being happy now? It seems so at this point. I did manage to find a writing contest that I am thinking of entering. I have people tell me that they love my writing, but I fear they are just being nice. I am certainly no "Rhodes Scholar"! LOL

    Not much going on here. My wife is still dodging me. If she doesn't want me, why not just tell me? Stop wasting my time, and hers. I am sick of this shit. Merely living with someone who doesn't want or need you. Just existing from day to day. I positively hate this shit! I wish she would make up her mind. One thing; this would make a great short story...