Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Is Bulls##t

I don't like this new site! Strange how the price of AOL just went up recently, and they are actually cutting features! What a way to drive away customers! They must be leaving in droves. I would be one of the rats jumping ship, except my wife and daughter like AOL's features....the ones that are left, anyway.

So, this past Saturday the youngest girl threw a Halloween Party. Word at school is that the kids had a good time! The ol' lady got a bit loopy, but all was well. my daughter is friends with one boy that I am afraid will never make it to adulthood. He is always depressed, and just recently quit school because of the other kids fucking with him. It is a shame, really, that in this day and time, we still have bullies in schools.

Did Columbine and other school shootings not teach anyone anything? The days of the bully are dead as those at Columbine. If you think that shooting spree was anything other than retribution, then you are way behind the curve, my friend. Wake up, pal!

In other news, I am still babysitting the grandkids, and thourghly lovin' it! The little boy is a blast. And the stories he can tell! Sometimes he just spends about an hour bending my ear with some incredible story about how he is a Power Ranger, and taking care of bad guys! I think he has found my muse, and she is woking for him! Now, if I can just get the drunk little minx to come back to me!

Be good guys and girls!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome One and All

Well, here we are in the new place! If you are already one of my "minions", then you know just what to expect to see here. If you are new to my journal, hang on, cause this can get to be a fairly wild ride at times. Be cool guys and girls!