Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, how's tricks, kids? Anyone want to go first? OK, well then, I will. So, it turns out that Mr. Obama is nothing more than a token black at this point. I still believe Hilary Clinton was paid to drop out of the race so that we could have a black man as president! Not that he will actually DO ANYTHING! Anyway, enough about nothing.

Let me see, what is new. Oh! My youngest daughter isn't so young anymore, she is now 18 years old! Yes, she is still at home, and in school full time. She still has another full year of school next year! She had to start school late because of her birthday. Right now she is looking forward to this year's prom....can anyone say "expensive"?

What else is going around? My little grandson is now six years old, and his sister will be 10 years old this summer! Me, well I will be 50 next month! Fifty years old! Can you believe it? And yes, I am as grouchy as ever! This old bear just refuses to change much.

We had snow here this winter four seperate times. That hasn't happened in recent memory! We are lucky to get at least one day of snow per winter. A large water main burst back in January, and we had to go to the next town that my oldest girl lives in to stock up on water for a whole week! We had containers of water sitting everywhere in the house! My youngest girl even missed a week from school; it was shut down due to lack of water.

Yeah, yeah, I hear some of you out there, "what about your wife"? She is still around. Whatever...Oh, for those of you that follow me, my blood-sugar levels are STILL high...too high as it turns out. The Insulin that I am on isn't working. I tried some new Insulin, and got the same results. So, I seem to be losing the fight on that front. Oh well.

For now, play nice with each other, untill you hear from me next...