Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Here!!!

    Well, I FINALLY got my new game last night at midnight! That's right, the new Final Fantasy is mine! It was a fairly small affair here, as the gamestore is in a small, mostly rual area.


         There were about 12 to 15 people waiting for the game at the local game store. I must say it was fairly subdued. Since I didn't feel like driving 100 miles to the closest "large city", we went to a small town to get my copy.


        The game is all I expected it to be, believe me. It borders on "next generation" graphics on this gen machine! It looks incredible, almost like a cg movie(computer generated), while it is running! I am enjoying it completely. Well, gotta go and save a world or two, later, guys!!!


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

"The World Waits"

   Last night I had the opportunity to watch a movie that I have been somewhat interested in for a while now. The name of said movie? "The Village".  Overall not too bad of a movie, but I am no critic, so I will leave the rating to them.


       In this movie, I heard what I think to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard before. One of the village "elders" was trying to explain why he had sent a blind girl out of the village for help. His excuse, she was in love! His line was this;"The world waits on love". "The world bows in awe before love."


         Excuse me? The world destroys love every chance it gets! The world has NEVER waited on love. The world has certainly NEVER bowed before love in awe! Ask Van Gogh, Romeo and Juliet, and many others. The world has NO TIME for such trivial shit as LOVE! The world stomps on love every chance it gets, and then laughs at it's demise. The world crushes love as surely as the sun rises every day!


         Don't believe in love, it will only lead to pain for you, and possibly others around you. "Love" is a myth, a unicorn looking to be found. It doesn't exist. It never has existed, and if it ever did, it was crushed long ago! "Love", what a stupid notion. You can never "love" someone, they will find a way to hurt you, or use that love against you to no good. "Love" is just evil with a different spelling. "Love", indeed!


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another Point of View

   Ok, so someone wrote me back with another link that gives some more info on the subject of the attacks on 9-11-01. Please, look in the "comments" section of my last post, and follow the link there. I am nothing if not fair. I believe ALL SIDES should be heard on an issue.


         I must say that I found the link informative, if nothing else. I would like to know where P.M. magazine(popular mechanics for those who don't know), has been for all the other plane crashes in the world? To hear them tell it, they have solved the entire controversy. Oh well, to each his/her own.


           Look, I never said that what happened didn't happen. I tried(unsuccessfully, it seems), to show that our government was, at best, negligent, and at worst, downright wrong. I don't profess to have all the answers; hell, I don't know if I have ANY answers, only theories.


        I only offer my way of looking at things. No one said that way was right, just my way, that's all. But, please, go to the P.M. site...they have some good answers also. It never hurts to get as many sides to a story as there are. And there seem to be many sides to this story!


                   Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Scenes Past

    So, there I was, just checking my mail, when I notice something from a friend of mine. It was a link; a link into another world. This bore further looking into, as one might say. I gladly clicked on the link, and was moderately surprised. I say "moderately" because the link contained some of my ideas.


         I will include the url that I was given at the end of this writing. It has to do with the attacks on 9-11-01. While the video in the link touched on some things that I already suspected, I would like to clear up a few things for some of you.


         Now, BEFORE 9-11-01, we can see trouble brewing. I think it was sometime in 2000(or maybe 1999), that a jet full of people plunged into the ocean, intact. The second pilot on this plane was Arab. This man was heard over the radio screaming to "Allah" about the people he was about to kill. This was reported by CNN news service the day after the plane went down.


         Oddly enough, this piece of news was swept under the rug, and hushed up. No more was ever told of this crash. I doubt if any attempt was made to find any of the wreckage. If there was an attempt, then there was no news footage of it ever shown. But, wait, it gets better.


      Soon after that crash, we have the attacks on New York, the pentagon, and the plane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Just as America was to go to war against Afghanistan, and Iraq, the Americans quickly pull ALL of their bases out of Egypt. Hmmm, I think the problems can be found BEFORE 9-11-01! All of the signs were there. I would especially like to draw your attention to the downing of the jet liner. The one that was driven, willfully, into the ocean, by the Arab pilot.


       As I said before, CNN reported that the Arab pilot was screaming over the radio about the people he was about to kill. The reporters at CNN said that "sources" at the pentagon said that it appeared that the plane was deliberately flown into the ocean. And, again, as I said before, nothing more was told of this incident. Why? To keep the Saudis happy? The same people that George Bush's family does business with? BILLIONS of dollars worth of business with!


             But why the sudden pull-out of all our military bases in Egypt? That has never been explained to this day! What about the supposed "plane" that hit the Pentagon on 9-11-01? There has never been an explanation as to why there were no airplane parts visible after the crash. I have seen PLENTY of plane crashes on the news service, and the N.T.S.B. ALWAYS picks up the pieces of the planes that are left behind.


          Hell, even TWA flight 800, the one that exploded in mid-air, left LOTS of wreckage behind. Some was floating, and even more was recovered from the ocean floor. They even recovered one, or both, of the so called "black boxes". Very strange indeed!


           Here is another thought, and keep in mind that all of what I am saying is just that, my thoughts. What about the Anthrax attacks shortly after the attacks on 9-11-01? We were told that the virus was "Weapons Grade" repeatedly, but no one was ever charged with manufacturing it. Let's keep some things in perspective here. Not just anyone could make "weapons grade" viruses. They would need to know at least basic chemistry. Also, they would need a very large facility to make it as good as it was.


               I can't possibly cover everything that this administration has done, or covered up in it's time. At least, not here. Follow the url I will put here for you, it will help to answer some questions. But, ultimately, it only begs more questions.



             Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Another One...

  Have you heard the latest? It seems that "Congressman" Foley was ready today to name the clergyman that molested him 38 years ago. Please...that is a dead horse, let's just let it lie, okay?


          It seems that "remembered" molestations are the new fashion these days. Just stop, people. I don't even agree with organized religion, but even I don't believe half of the stories being told. And now, Mr. Foley wants to name some old man, probably dead now, for HIS indiscretions with under-age little boys.


           Sorry, Mr. Congressman, but as we say here, "That dog just won't hunt". This guy needs to get a handle on himself! The next thing you know, he will say he was shaken by a British Nanny when he was a baby! Get a clue, asshole, YOU are a pedophile!


                 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In Transition...

    I hate this time of year, the transition from Summer to Winter. You need a heater at night and an air conditioner by day. It's enough to make you crazy.


        Not much going on with me, or here at home. Things are still going along on a very bumpy road here. There are pot-holes the size of small homes in this road. Avoiding them is getting harder...


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!1

Monday, October 9, 2006

Oxymorons---or just Morons?

    Let's be very clear here, first of all. "Oxymorons" are words that are put together to make a phrase where the words are completely opposite of one another. For instance, "Military Intelligence", or "Thundering Silence". Something like that.


          It seems that Diabetes is an oxymoron in and of itself! I hate sugar in anything, yet I constantly have high sugar levels in my blood. If something happens, and I were to go down, I am supposed to put candy in my mouth...the one thing I have to avoid, and it is supposed to save me?


           Here is another one. On the box of needles that I have to use, it clearly says, and I quote, "A more comfortable needle". Now, if ever there were an oxymoron just waiting to be found....well, you know the rest. "A more comfortable needle'. It still sticks me, and I still feel it. And, take my word for it, I wouldn't exactly call it comfortable.


          I see it this way; if I can't laugh at my problems, someone else will. Besides, it never helps to sit around and whine about it.


            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Lying...Or Being a Stand-Up Guy

      Lying...some people are good at it, some aren't, but damn near everyone does it. Why? I can't lie too good. I have such a poor memory that I could be lying and not even trying to do it.


         Now, take my brother. That sob can lie like there is no tomorrow. I mean that kid could sell ice water to an Eskimo! The boy doesn't have one single bone of truth in his body. I have had him lie to my face, and I KNEW he was lying! Hell, HE even knew he was lying, but that didn't seem to stop him from doing it.


        Enter my wife, and her pitiful little lies...folks, as lying goes, she sucks at it. Always getting caught in her shallow lies...some of her lies are so transparent that they might as well be glass. But, still she persists. I have no idea why.


         Do politicians lie to us? Let me see, what are the words I am looking for...HELL YES!!!! Take the shit that is going on right now with the Republican Senator, whatever his name is. Making sexual comments to his pages on the internet!! So, what does he do? Run to an alcohol re-hab place, and through his lawyer tell everyone that he has a drinking problem! Sorry, fella, but YOU have a pedophile problem!!


          Doesn't our government, in some cases, seem just like the Roman Senate over 2,000 years ago? Senators with outrageous behavior, and people just look the other way? Well, not here, folks. I see through the lies, and I expose them! Damn near everyone of our Senators and Represenatives have charges pending against them. This is a matter of public record, go look it up!


            I say we fire the lot of them, and start over. If you make more than, say, $50,000 a year, you cannot run for political office in this country. Let's stop sending these rich assholes to Congress to play "slap-and-tickle" with the underage pages! And I think we already know that I wouldn't vote for Mr. Bush for the local dog-catcher, let alone President of these United States! Put the "everyday guy" in office. Someone who knows just what struggling means!!!


          Now, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, liars. Can't stand them, don't like them, no sir, not at all. If you lie to me, you are just so much dirt on my floor. That's what dirt does, you know, lies...........


                          Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

It's the Little Things---

      I have come to a conclusion lately, and I believe it to be a truth; it isn't the "big" things that drive us screaming into the night mad. It is the "little" things, the shoelace that breaks at the wrong time, the button that comes off just before a meeting, when there is no time to replace it. The kids constantly bickering, adults constantly bickering. Peole that lie to you for no good purpose. All of these so called "little things" seem to get stuck in our brains and they add up.


         And they add up, and up, and up! Big things(like your car engine blowing up) seem to bring with them what I call "instant meltdowns". You know what I am talking about, that sudden feeling of dread, and the downright "sinking" feeling in the pit of your stomach. This seems to hit almost instantly, and after awhile clears itself so we can work on the problem at hand.


          But the little things, they just seem to eat away at you untill nothing is left except an explosion of emotions. Maybe it is because the little things just don't seem to have a solution all the time. Maybe we just hold too many of them close to us. Sort of like a pressure-cooker getting too hot. We keep adding things to it(flame), untill, suddenly, BOOM!!!


         So, what is the lesson today, my "minions"?(Fuck, I love that word!) Try to throw away the small shit...let that stuff go, man. The big stuff seems to handle itself, one way or another. I doubt that someone like "Dr. Phil" would agree with my advice, but I don't give a shit....that's just one of those "little things". C'ya!


                 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Never say "I'm Sorry"

        One of my dear friends wrote to me on private Email Friday. They said that if I had not gone up against the "Men in Black Suits" at Smoke Away, that I would still be there. This person also stated that they felt guilty as hell. I truly feel for this person.


             Why? Because as long as they feel guilty(for no reason) , those very same "Men in Black Suits" have control over that friend. Friend, you did nothing wrong. If given the choice now, I would STILL stand up for you, or anyone else for that matter. I was right; "they" were wrong.


            My friend, you know me. You know there could not be any other way, no other outcome. I never back down, never give up on a good fight. It had to play out the way that it did. But, please, don't give them the control that your guilt gives them. Shrug that shit off, brother, and live free from their control. I did, and it is great!


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!