Wednesday, March 30, 2005


 Welcome, my children....welcome.  What is one to do when one is completely fed up with the world?? In the last six months, I have had more people lie to me than I care to mention. Some were  close, some weren't.  It doesen't matter WHO, what matters more is WHY??


   I refuse to name any of these people, they KNOW who they are....and yes, there is more than just one. Here's the thing...I don't lie. That's right, I said it. I suck at lying, and am very easily caught at it. I learned this at a young age, so I turned into one of those people who just puts it out there. If you don't like it, then take a number, 'cause, baby, you ain't the first!!


  Did you ever have one of those days when you just sort of give up? Now, imagine that for EVERYDAY. Welcome to my world. Here is another fact that might interest some of you....I love to read about serial killers, and mass murderers. Anything I can find out, it all goes into the hodge-podge that is my mind.


   Now, there is a distinction between these two types of killers. Serial killers are almost always sexual perverts. They merely kill to keep their secrets. Ahhh, but mass-murderers, those are my favorites!  Let me expand that thought. We'll just call them MM's for short.


   You hear about serial killers killing maybe, at the most, 30 people before they are caught. Some of the top-scoring men in this category---Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, And some scruffy looking dude from Texas, or Arkansas. I can't remember much about the last guy, but the police think his numbers could have gone as high as the fifties.


Next, come the MM's. No one ever pays much attention to them. Why?? NO TRIALS! They choose to go out like a man, not whimpering and crying, sitting behind a battery of lawyers trying to save their sorry asses. They are NOT in it for the long-haul. They are the guys that one day decide, "I have had enough, and I am about to let the world know it!!".


   These are the guys who "snap" all at once. These are NOT the guys that people remember as being "nice, friendly, a very out-going person". You ONLY hear that about serial killers--they are pussies!


    Here is another cool fact to keep you awake at night...people who are drawn to MM's are always thinking, "hmmm, I bet I could beat that". They are talking about the numbers, of course. Everyone can beat the last guy. Well, I have a list of people, just a little something to get me started. Funny thing, though, the list is growing....rapidly!


     So, the next time you are out in a public place, look around carefully. But, relax, everything is cool. You have no Idea what we look like, you only find out when it is too late...............................................................................There is a reason you are called "prey" (pray)....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Insert Your Comment Here

 Foolish, pathetic lost souls,

 Swimming around in rose-colored fish bowls.

 Lingering, with your rose-colored glasses,

 You are just a part of the mingling masses.


 You all look just the same,

 You all even play the same game.

 No one loses, and no one wins,

 And, so it goes, until your pitiful life ends.


Nothing more than "space-monkeys",

You are all "give me mine" junkies.

You run around, making a lot of noise,

You never realized, I was one of the dangerous boys!

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

You NEED To Know This!

Stay with me in the coming days, folks, we have MUCH to speak of, or, at least, I do! You just take a seat, and let me do the driving. I promise you WILL learn some things.

Have you heard of a man named Micheal Crichton? He wrote a little tv show called "E.R.", and some story about some dinosaurs, you might have heard of it, "Jurasic Park"? OK, so you know who he is. Did you also know he has written another book? The name of it is "State of Fear".

In this book, which he states is purely fiction, he shows how we, as a people, no, as a NATION, are kept in fear of EVERYTHING! Now, let me state right here that I have NO connections to Mr. Crichton. I wouldn't know the man if he walked up and smacked me. But, I do know this...YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!

 Even though it is pure fiction, he backs it up with REAL FACTS!! I learned a lot of things that I never realized before. Did you know that global warming is a scam? If you read this book, you will truly be amazed at just what you find.

 I have always questioned just HOW scientists can come up with the "facts" that they throw around. You will be amazed to find out that some of those "scientists" are driven by the bottom line---how much money they can generate from grants. I never knew where to look for more facts, but I do now.

 You see, Mr. Crichton gives precise names, dates, even graphs and web sites for his information. He even tells you at the beginning of this book that it is fiction, but it is backed up with ACTUAL FACTS. And, so far as I know, all of it is real. You will be astounded at what goes on with "environmentalists", on every level of their world. The lies, the manipulation, the out-right twisting of facts.

  Get this book! I  can't stress this enough. I am not getting anything out of telling you this, only the satisfaction that I can give you the information you need. I stated long ago that I would expose lies, and mis-information when I found it. Well brother, I have found it big time!! Actually, I should say that Micheal Crichton found it, he then steered me in the right direction; credit where credit is due!

  After reading this book, certain recent, tragic events will come to mind(think giant tsunami). You will be completely overwhelmed, especially since this was being written BEFORE certain things happened. I have actually read parts of this book more than once!! It is that good.

 Now, for the bad part of the review...the story kinds of drags at certain parts, and you can always guess what is going to happen next. I can't understand WHY he wrote it this way. The facts ALONE would stand on their own merit. This would have been a fantastic NON-FICTION work on it's own, but I guess no one buys non-fiction works. Besides, I hate critics, and don't count myself among them. The story is good if you like that sort of thing, but I prefer hard facts, and this book has them by the bundles!

 But, now for more GOOD things about this book; the theory behind it can be applied to almost anything in the news today! Translated, that means the war going on in Iraq. Oh, Yeah, you might want to keep in mind the "little thing" going on in Afghanistan, and the hostility that the Bush administration has expressed for Korea and China in the same breath. Mr. Bush, you(that means US), will positively GET YOUR ASS KICKED IN CHINA!!

   Take an old Biker's advice, "Don't start nothin', there won't be nothin'". Keep it real, folks!!

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Cars, and such.

 No sleep for a week, not eating right, tunnel-vision, both thumbs are so sore I can barely use them(stop that, I know what you are thinking!!), either I am sick, or the new Gran Turismo 4 video game is out!! It is, of course, the latter.

  There are many car racing games out there, but only ONE Gran Turismo series. If you happen to be a gear-head like me, this series is the best! It is the only one I know of that lets you tweak the gearing, suspension, tires, everything that makes a race car run!

  If you are not a gear-head,(I can only imagine how you must suffer), it doesn't matter. The cars are set up nearly perfectly anyway. BUT, IF YOU WANT TO WIN, you need to learn about drive ratios, and final drives. Oh, yeah, then there is the limited-slip rear-ends! (Everyone needs one of those---shut up!)

 Don't get me wrong---THIS IS NOT NASCAR RACING!! There are city tracks from Paris to Tokyo, to Seoul, to New York! There are right turns, left turns, chicanes, S curves, and even a few right angle turns. Translated, that last one means STOP, then turn!!

  If you own a PlayStation 2, you simply MUST try this game on! I own all four games in the series, and this is the best. Each car sounds different; this is because the people who make the game actually went out and made sound recordings of the various cars in the game. Give it a shot, you will enjoy it.

Friday, March 4, 2005


"For every action, there is an opposite, and equal reaction". This seems to be a constant in physics; it would appear to be true with life itself. Some people would do well to remember this rule. They should also remember that every reaction IS NOT EQUAL to the action; some can be quite violent, and completely unexpected.

  Having said that, I am back for now. I know you are dying to know just what happened. You won't. I take care of my own, and I don't ask for help in such matters. None of you could ever understand my methods, nor my solutions. I'm not even sure that you would want to. Shit Happens---

   I apologize for not being here for awhile, but really, you didn't want to hear me for that time. I could only spew venom and hatred from my keyboard. I like to think that I have SOME control over my emotions, no matter how deluded that may sound.

   As I stated before, "Actions have reactions". I won't lie to you, this past week or two has been tough. I just didn't want to say something that would come back to bite me in the ass later. Although, I have to say, I seem to have gotten two very moving poems out of the ordeal. I never knew that something like that could come from me???

 So, for now, watch those actions, folks. They DO have reactions, and some can be explosive.


"The Dragon Master says...Be Cool".