Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Day

Hello, and welcome to all...both of you who still read here!!!!!!! I am happy because my new video game comes out Friday...and I pre-ordered it ahead of time. The game is "The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim". From the tv ads I have seen, it will by far be the best in the series to date! I will be glad to have it.

My youngest daughter is living with us for right now...maybe forever. Her husband cannot seem to keep the lights on at their house. The baby cannot stay where there is no electricity! So, for now, mother and child are here. My wife cannot stand the hubby. As for me? I am not too fond of him, either. I would love to go buck wild on him for a bit. Anyway...

Not too much else to say. I seem to not be counted as "normal"...I come here with my problems, not Facebook. I like a couple of the games over there, but the rest is just a collosal waste of time. I am listening to Elton John. Isn't he Knighted? I should say "Sir" Elton John. Well, holla if you want to, or not, it's no snot out of my nose!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free and Easy

That's me, free and easy right now. As I sit here with my speakers filled with music, and a little hope in my heart. I have a new on-line friend, her name is "Boink"! She is a beautiful little doggy from the great nation of Canada! She(her owner) is a great personality, and I love her posts on Facebook.

I am all alone, and sort of digging it today! I have no way of knowing just WHY I am enjoying it more than usual, I just am. Things are quiet for now, and except for the music which is deafening me right now, not much is going on here in the heart of "The Dirty South". You know what people say..."American by birth, Southern by the grace of God".

Next month marks the eigth year of my beautiful friend Jean quitting smoking. We lost Jean a couple years back due to COPD. I still miss you Miss Jean, I really do! Well, time for me to go dig in my freezer for my booze! I will "see" all of you later.

The Old Dragon Master

Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Events

...There aren't any!!! Everything is flowing smoothly. The new grandbaby is growing nicely. She is almost seven months, and can already crawl anywhere she wants to go. She is nineteen pounds in weight, and can eat whatever she wants...(within reason). My older grandchildren are doing fine in school, and otherwise. They both seem to be gifted at school.

I am about the same as before. Change seems to come slowly for me if at all. That is good, as I hate change! The days and nights are a lot cooler now, and that is a relief! We had too many days of the temperature being over 100 degrees, and the nights in the nineties! Well, enough for now, I will be back later!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sad News

It is with mixed emotions that I post here today. I got two calls yesterday, Saturday, July 09, that my biological dad died at 12:00 pm(that is noon if you are wondering). I say mixed emotions because the man just didn't know me. The last time he saw me was when I was 17, and then only for a few minutes.

I hate the loss of any life, but this one even moreso than any other at this time. There was never any one time that he wanted to know me or my two brothers. How do you deal with someone like that? I chose to just leave him alone, and let him be. It seemed to be what he wanted. But that just makes me feel like less of a person. Maybe I didn't try hard enough? Maybe HE didn't try hard enough? Who knows, I have just about quit beating myself up about it...

On a more positive note, I had my new granddaughter for most of the day Saturday! We had a great time of it. She is growing by leaps and bounds! You can actually get her to laugh for you now! She just laughs and squeals so much. I love playing with her. My wife took her Friday evening to see our oldest girl. She was over-joyed to play with her! I guess you could say that she is being spoiled!

Well, that is about it for me. I think I will go and dig in my freezer and see what I can come up with! Later Dayzzzzzzzzz!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Days Ahead!

Hello, and welcome! Hey, sit down in the back and shut up...I'll get to you in a minute! Well, the youngest girl of mine finally graduated from school! It was an uphill fight for me and her mother to get her to finish. She lost too much time having the baby, and the last two weeks were just a pure fight to make her finish. We had to convince her each morning to go to school. She just knew she was wasting her time, and would never make up all of the work she missed! Well, she did, but it was a battle. When she got her diploma, I finally let my breath out! My God, she finally made it!

She also got married to the baby's daddy. I will spare you the details of how we felt about that..........suffice it to say that she could do better; much better. She moved out about three weeks ago. Now the baby is in the hospital with pnuemonia. She has been in since last Friday, and may get to go home on Monday, maybe.

Well, summer is definetly here! Temps of 100 and more are here! Don't worry, it is normal for here. I am going to find something cold to drink. Have I told you that I keep whiskey in the freezer to keep it cold? Try it, it doesn't freeze, so you have nothing to worry about. Beer doesn't work, so don't try that, and blame me for a mess in your freezer!

Later dayz, boys and girls!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally Back!

So, here I am late at night, Journey playing through the speakers (quietly, because of the baby), and I finally realize..."I have a few minutes to blog out 'cause the baby is asleep!" Seems like every time I sit down, someone hands me the baby! Don't get me wrong, she is totally spoiled by me. If I sit with her on a blanket on my couch, she has picked up the habit of propping one leg up on my stomach. Cool, ain't it?

Since you saw me here last, I have had a birthday (April 10)! I am now 51 years old. There is still a little tread on the old tires, if you know what I mean...Ok, the ol' lady had a birthday also(April 17). She is 49 years old. What can I say, it has been a strange couple of months since the baby was born! Having to re-learn all of the things you need to know about babies. Seems like that knowledge just stays buried in the back of your brain untill you need to access it!

There is not much else to say. I have been busy with the baby, as has everyone else. I forgot just how much attention babies need! I am trying to think of something to say here. I have started to baby-sit the two oldest grandchildren, Roze and Vinnie. Those two are a blast! You just never know what they will come up with next. Today they were banging on pots and pans...and the baby just slept right through it all!

I will say that I have been reading a lot of posts on facebook from a friend in Canada. Rock on girl! She was off the 'net for awhile, but it looks like she is back, and doing ok. I just want to wish her all of the luck in the world, and may she find peace wherever she may be.

Well, that is all of the news for now...I am outta here!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Picture of Baby

I thought I would place a picture of the new grandbaby! Baby and mother are well, and doing fine. Baby is spoiled already, so my wife and I are doing our part!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We finally have a baby girl! She was born Friday night, the 11th of March 2011. She weighed 6pounds 8ounces. She was 19 inches long. Mother and child are now at home. Her name is Shianne Grace. She is already taking as much as four two ounce bottles at night! She is fine as far as we can tell.

Now, for other news. As of my last visit we now have high speed broadband internet! Surfing the web with high speed is a whole new experience, believe me. My blood-sugar levels are drastically DOWN as of late. Things seem to be on the up-swing for once! I think I will end on that note...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello, folks! Still no baby as of yet...any day now. It could be as much as two weeks before we get a baby! The doctor seems to think this will be a long pregnancy. Ok, more news on my doctor. I am back on insulin, and I am on something to help me lose weight also. I hope it works. Actually, I hope both work.

Ok, not much to talk about, we are all just waiting, and hoping we are well prepared when the time comes. I will let you know more when I know more. Hey, how did you like my picture that I put up? Pretty cool, huh?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still Waiting...

Well, no baby as of yet. I am sitting here with the music very loud again. Some of it helps with the depression, some of it makes it hurt even more. I don't know why it works out that way, it just does. Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" is playing right now. It sort of describes my life. I am a simple man...right through to the core. Beer and whiskey are my drink, meat and potatoes are what fuels me! Ask me anything, and I will answer truthfully. I don't lie...I suck at it, and always get caught in it, so I just don't. I am just that simple.

You should be very careful, by "simple" I do not mean stupid. Underestimate me at your own peril. Too many people have mistaken simple for stupid! That usually costs pain. I am going to try to share a picture with you that was taken last year, so you can see me! Keep in mind that I do not kill animals. I say that because I am holding a bow in the picture. It is in my front yard, so no animals were harmed in the making of this picture. Wait! I found it! Maybe I did it right! I will write again when we have a baby...

Well it won't let me do it. Any ideas? How to post a picture here?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life Always Finds a Way

Well, here we are just about two weeks out from a new baby being here! Life always finds a way to perpetuate itself, huh? I will have a new granddaughter to spoil, my youngeat daughter will have a life full of scraped knees, and soccer games to go to. My wife will join me in spoiling the child, as will the oldest daughter and her family. Life does go on. Anytime you think you are better than anyone else, try looking into the eyes of a child. You will see an entire world there that neither you nor I can possibly imagine!

I am sitting here with my music so loud that my sub-woofer is dancing on the floor! I have to get all of my loud listening in before the baby gets here. After she comes, there will be no LOUD MUSIC...just headphones!LOLNow, to the serious shit.

I am not elegible for an insulin pump! I am taking Januvia, a pill, for my diabetes. You MUST have been on insulin injections for at least three months, and checking your blood-glucose levels four times daily, which I am not doing. I check at least once daily, sometimes not at all. I am just tired of all the needle sticks all of the time! I haven't been back to the doctor's office yet, but I imagine she will be pretty steamed up at my lack of diligence. Oh well, she is a grown woman, and will get over it quickly! HAHAHAHA

Let me know if you have any left-over beer or whiskey...good for the soul, and all that noise!

;)Holla' If You Hear Me!!!;)