Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally Back!

So, here I am late at night, Journey playing through the speakers (quietly, because of the baby), and I finally realize..."I have a few minutes to blog out 'cause the baby is asleep!" Seems like every time I sit down, someone hands me the baby! Don't get me wrong, she is totally spoiled by me. If I sit with her on a blanket on my couch, she has picked up the habit of propping one leg up on my stomach. Cool, ain't it?

Since you saw me here last, I have had a birthday (April 10)! I am now 51 years old. There is still a little tread on the old tires, if you know what I mean...Ok, the ol' lady had a birthday also(April 17). She is 49 years old. What can I say, it has been a strange couple of months since the baby was born! Having to re-learn all of the things you need to know about babies. Seems like that knowledge just stays buried in the back of your brain untill you need to access it!

There is not much else to say. I have been busy with the baby, as has everyone else. I forgot just how much attention babies need! I am trying to think of something to say here. I have started to baby-sit the two oldest grandchildren, Roze and Vinnie. Those two are a blast! You just never know what they will come up with next. Today they were banging on pots and pans...and the baby just slept right through it all!

I will say that I have been reading a lot of posts on facebook from a friend in Canada. Rock on girl! She was off the 'net for awhile, but it looks like she is back, and doing ok. I just want to wish her all of the luck in the world, and may she find peace wherever she may be.

Well, that is all of the news for now...I am outta here!