Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Let's Talk About Sex, Baby"....

     How much sex is too much? Is there any such thing? My wife thinks so. I say I want sex at least three to four times a week....she says "No". Now, I am a fairly healthy 46 year old male, and all of you know of my background. I don't think these are unreasonable "goals" to be met by one's wife.


           However, "one's wife" thinks once a month is suffcient for sex at this age! Once a month? I think even Moses did better than that!  "One's wife" swears that she isn't giving it up somewhere else(yank-yank), if that is true, then there must be something wrong with her! Do all women do this? Will she keep me busy when she finally hits Menopause? Could it get any worse?


           I know that being married can be tough, but to go through life with the blue-ball syndrome is just crazy! I must also say here that I am not the type of person to force her to do anything. Once she says no, or just goes to sleep, then it is pretty much over for me. I am also not the kind of person to beg, either. I will try to "romance" her, but it seldom works.


          It's not like she comes home and starts cleaning the house, either. I do all of that stuff, and see to it that she has hot meals waiting for her. All she does here at home is wash the clothes....I am forbidden from ever touching a washing machine again.  Some green shirts came out orange once, so I have to leave the washing to her.


        Ladies? Comments, questions, harsh remarks? Let's hear them. Oh, she is only a couple of years younger than myself.


             Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Guilty, or just another Kook?

    John Mark Karr...guilty of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, or just another attention-seeking nut? Here is my take on it. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, or my theory, at best, and just an un-educated guess at worst.


          This child was not killed by her mother. I give two reasons for this. People who spend as much time and money as her mother did grooming her for stardom rarely ever hurt these children! I said RARELY, not NEVER, there are exceptions to every rule. My second reason is this; Mrs. Ramsey died in June of this year. If she killed her(JonBenet) she would have told before she died. People usually want to save their soul before they die, hence, they start confessing anything they ever did wrong in their life!


            No such confession will EVER come from me. I would have to know about three weeks before I died to clear my soul!!!!!!  Most of my sins have just stopped short of murder and rape, and kidnapping, and I am not quite sure about that last one...hahahahahaha. Oh, well, better luck in the next life! But, I digress.


        John Mark Karr(sp?). This guy just gives me the creeps. That is not an esay thing to do, either. I have been around some nasty people before, and I got to tell ya, this guy just sends shivers down my spine! There is also the matter of the lady in California who has these "alleged" recordings made of the guy talking five years ago. Five years is a long time to hang on to the reported tapes of the murderer of a small girl.


          Why didn't she take these purported tapes of the "killer" to the police back then? Is this guy guilty, or just creepy? I have no idea. This is one of the most screwed up cases of all times. I don't think we will ever know just WHO did this.


            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Of Men and Rednecks

      Ok, so Mr. Bush is an asshole, this is a given, right? This morning, Mr. Bush met with this "Rocky" guy from Louisiana who lost everything in hurricane Katrina last year. Ok, so maybe he just wanted to meat a cajun, whatever. The whole thing stinks of a "photo-op" if you ask me! I fully expect the C.I.A. to break down my door after they read this one, folks!


           Why would Mr. Bush meet with this redneck, trailer-trash, chicken-dick, piece of cajun shit, and NOT meet with the lady last year who lost her son in Baghdad? Can anyone answer that for me? I would rather lose EVERYTHING I OWN than one of my children! Material shit can be replaced, a child cannot! Mr. Bush is far more of an asshole than I could have EVER IMAGINED! Look up the word "Dick-head" in the dictionary, and you will find a picture of Mr. Bush!


          I hope you enjoyed your meeting , "Rocky", I really do. Think of what you lost, and then think of that poor young man who lost HIS LIFE last year. As a matter of fact, he gave his life so you could meet with our leader today! He gave his life for our democracy. A democracy that allows an elected official to snub the parents of one lost in battle, but to meet with a piece of shit like you!


      And did any of you catch just how "Rocky"  kissed George's ass on national tv? Shit, I was telling him to clean George's colon while he had his tongue up there!!!!!! Oh Yeah, life is fair...according to George and "Rocky", that is!


            Holla' If You Hear Me!!!



  I am trailer trash myself, so don't start bitchin' about me calling someone else by that name!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Say it Ain't So, Joe!!

So, Mr. Bush has decided to give aid to Lebanon in his speech this morning. Aid to Lebanon...why doesn't he simply SPIT IN THE FACE of the U.S. Marines? Does ANYONE remember the over 200 Marines MURDERED in BEIRUT back in the '80's?  The truck bomb that was driven into their barracks? As they slept?


          Has this president lost his fuckin' mind?   First we are on the side of Isreal, then we switch sides in the middle of the fight! Are we against Isreal now? Are we in bed with the Lebanese people? People who kill Americans every chance they get? What the hell is going on? What's next, Give Saddam a pat on the back, and let him go? Just say it was all a big misunderstanding?


            Hell, let's just send a few million dollars to Iran and Syria while we are at it! Fuck, put China down for a few million, too! As long as we are letting people ass-fuck us, we might as well let ALL of them do it! I can't believe this shit! I don't believe in killing, but I don't believe in supporting terrorrists, either!


         Something BIG is about to happen. I'm not sure exactly what, but I have a very bad feeling about the situation between Isreal and Lebanon,(with Syria and Iran in the mix supplying weapons to the Hezbollah---), there are some bad sounds coming from there, trust me on this one. This is gonna be bad...DOOM kind of bad.


       But wait, there is more to this deal!!! Yes, folks, it seems our government can RUSH aid to these people, but not cover DOMESTIC issues. More than 75% of the people affected by hurricane Katrina are STILL misplaced and/or homeless!! We are only eight days from a year that she hit. One full year, and FEMA is still sitting on their asses!


         Send that aid to New Orleans...send the aid to my state of Mississippi. The people here will appreciate it more than a bunch of American-killing, flag-burnin', fuckin' rag-heads would! What the hell has happened in America? We ARE NOT the "world police". Screw the rest, let them kill each other, and whatever "God" they believe in can mop up the left overs!!!


               Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Slow Week

    Thank you AOL for generously letting members keep their mailboxes for free, even if they leave AOL! Now, cut your prices in half for dial up, and you will regain some of the million or so customers that you have lost over the past year! If others can do it, I know that you can.


         I would leave, also, if not for my wife and daughter. They like you, me, not so much! Your software crashes more than Windows, you cost too much, and you take up far too much space on my hard drive. Plus, you are like an over-bearing parent, constantly looking over my shoulder. However, having said all the above, I still like your parental controls.


           Sheese, that was like sitting down and talking to a parent! I am slowly changing my computer room to the way that I want it. The first signs of the change were the swords on the wall, then the rather LARGE HORNS from a Mexican bull, with a compound bow lain across them. Next came the picture of a bald eagle in the corner. I'm getting there, bit by bit! Soon, this will be the room that was supposed to be here 14 years ago.


          Back then I picked this room for myself. But one day, a crib got moved in here, then baby clothes, then diapers, then toys, and, finally, a baby girl got put here. As you might have guessed, she is 14 now(almost 15), and she has moved into her big sister's room, that one having been vacated about five years ago by big sis!


        So, here I am, 14 years later. The lesson for today is this; some things happen, just not right when we want them to. And some things just have to wait while really cool things happen in their place(kids). Thus endeth the lesson. Oh, this is for Bob...I don't run. I get pissed off sometimes, but I never run. I meet things head-on, and always will. Thanks, Bob, for reminding me of that.


                        Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


  By all the Gods in Valhallah!!!! School started Monday of this week. Don't you just love those overpaid "babysitters" we call teachers? This has been a long summer for me.  Now I can take a break for a bit. Sorry, teach, but they are your problem now!!


        I love my girls, but I need a break sometimes. The house is quiet now, (save for the sound of rock'n'roll from my pc speakers!). I can think, and even get some reading done lately! It'll take about two weeks for this to wear off, and I will want the girls back here everyday! LOL But for now, evewrything is cool.


          I see in the news that the terrorrists have come up with a new plot to blow up airplanes. People, don't fly! There is NOWHERE I need to be that I can't get there by land or water. Boats, cars, and busses don't fall from 33,000 feet!!! What if you survive the plane breaking up? Then you would die from exposure, and lack of oxygen! Screw that! Besides, you have airbags in cars! Mine has two on the driver's least when my wife drives!!!!!!! (that'll get me the dog-house for sure)


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Just Another Day


  Who rocks the best?!?! ME, dammit, me! So, what is up with everyone? It's just another day here in grindsville. "Good to see you, hope you guess my name". Just a classical reference to myself. Let's see how many of you guess who said that before I did. And just who is it referring to? Ahhh, no fair asking me, you have to find out for yourself! Here's a hint; if you are over thirty, you SHOULD get it!


         Write to me! Let me know who YOU are, why you read here, and what you think. This doesn't ALWAYS have to be about me....I would like to know a few of you!


          Holla' If You Hear Me!!!



Monday, August 7, 2006

Now, Now

      "Not all stepdads are mean, I know that. But a man who has no kids of his own doesn't really care about the kids of the woman that he is fucking! It sounds harsh, but it is the truth. My only consolation? There is none! How could there be


        This is a quote from my last entry....I thought I made it painfully clear that NOT ALL STEPDADS ARE  THE ASSHOLE, WORTHLESS, PIECES OF SHIT that mine was. I have known people with step-parents who were VERY GOOD to them. If you quote me, please do it right. The next line DOES NOT apply to those good people out there. So, chill out. We all know that I rock hardest, and I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due! I short no one, and hope that my readers will tell me if I do.


           Now my daughter came in and de-railed my train of thought. You get my meaning, right?


 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

While We're on the Subject...

 Since we brought up the subject of asshole redneck truck-drivers, let's talk about that quintesential piece of shit known as my stepdad! Ahhhh, now here is a real piece of humanity, folks! Listen closely as I spin my magic web! All true, of course!


          This redneck piece of shit used to come home and lay a blanket in the floor, and lay on it. So, ok, that wasn't too bad. However, he used to tell us to bring him a jar to piss in. That's right, a quart Mason jar to lay in the floor and piss in! Most of you DO KNOW that I had a little sister, right? Now you are getting the picture!


          This was not his only "talent", not by a long shot! To be nice, let's just say that "flatulence" was another one of his "talents"! If you don't know the word, then look it up! He was very loud, and very stinky at this talent. Oh, what a prize this asshole was! Oh, yeah, pun intended!


            But wait, there's more! he seemed to enjoy asking me at the age of six if I was "getting any"; refering to sex. At six years old! Then he would make me strip, and laugh at my "little pee-wee".  Then he would haul his out to show off! Nice guy, huh? I hope he gets prostate cancer! That would be a fitting end for that piece of shit! I can't even come close to telling how much I hate his ass!


            I have NEVER liked killing, or anything to do with it, but I think a few bullets in this case would be justified. Once, when I had done something to piss him off, at the age of five, he slapped me so hard that I slid across the hardwood floor, and hit a heating vent with my arm. I still havee the runs from my wrist to my elbow. Medical attention for this wound? Some gauze soaked in kerosene, and taped to my arm. He called it "growing up tough". I guess it worked, he won't come within 100 miles of me now!


           Not all stepdads are mean, I know that. But a man who has no kids of his own doesn't really care about the kids of the woman that he is fucking! It sounds harsh, but it is the truth. My only consolation? There is none! How could there be!?


                   Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Okay, Okay!

 What is that noise I hear? Is that grumbling in the background? I haven't written in a week, so you start bitchin' about it? Shut the fuck up! I don't need your abuse, I have people waiting in line to abuse me!!!! I'm here now, ain't I? So, enjoy it for as long as it lasts, you know, kind of like sex!


         So, my telephone was out for a couple of days. A large truck, obviously driven by some red-neck asshole, decided to come down my little street! This dickhead managed to tear down THE ONLY PHONE LINE in my area! A call to the telephone company,(no names. but it sounds like "bell south"), and they said it would be fixed two days from then!


         Why in the fuck would it take TWO DAYS? They have a workshop in the middle of town here. Let me explain that the "middle of town" is only  3/10's of a mile from my house! The entire town limits is only 1/2 mile! My town is so small that we have a sign that says, "You are now entering AND leaving Walnut, Mississippi"! The name of the state is bigger than the town! Two days my great Aunt Fanny's Ass! I let them know just how I felt about it, too.


          At this point in the conversation with the "lady", she informed me that it COULD take sucks when someone KNOWS they have you by the balls!!! So, I had to kiss some ass for a few minutes....fuck 'em!


        Right now I am waiting for a friend to come over and pay me for some necklaces he purchased earlier last week. I don't mind giving him credit, he has always paid up in full. See, I CAN be nice sometimes!


                     Holla' If You Hear Me!!!