Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To Be Given Away...

......To good home. One 45 year old white male. Of Irish-American Indian descent. He is 5' 10" tall, and weighs 270 pounds. Fairly good mechanic, and can fix most small appliances. Loves to play chess, writes poetry, paints, and is an accomplished jewelry maker.

             Knows his way around a kitchen,(that includes washing dishes), and has been known to change diapers on infants.  Ex-Biker, also some military training. Can hold his own in a bar-fight, can shoot, and is proficient with knives. Can also handle a compound bow, and currently owns three of them.

             Wife of twenty three years no longer needs him....all of a sudden she knows everything about life! Get your requests in quick, folks, this one should go fast............................


                    Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Too Tired?

    All of my life, I have had to fight for what little I have gotten. I'm not crying about it, I think it made me tougher than the average individual, and that is ok with me. But, when do you know that the fight is over? How much does one person take before they just throw in the towel, and say, "I've had enough"?

              I feel as if I am at that point. Confession time; I have tried to over-dose on pills twice since I have been home from the hospital. I just end up really sick, and sort of hung over. I just don't care anymore. I don't care if I go on or not. My wife said that she sold my guns while I was in the hospital. I guess I have to believe her, I can't find them here anywhere...and I have looked!

                  I can't explain this feeling, or feelings. It just seems that I have given up...I quit. I can't understand this because I am a fighter. If I weren't, I would never have made it this far. Can someone become so overwhelmed that they simply give up? At this point, I would have to answer in the affirmative. I really wish I had my guns...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

....And You are mad Because??

Ok, this has got me really bugged. People are STILL bitchin' about the President using "illegal" wiretaps to listen in on phone calls. Excuse my stupidity, but after the events of 9-11-01, can you blame them? This issue puts me on the wrong side of the fence---the side with George Bush and his "Cowboy Cabinet", as I call them.

                 We, as Americans, want to be safe, but we want ALL of the freedoms in the world. Well, you can't have both without stepping on some toes. Hell, I expect that even my activities in this journal are monitored. As many times as I have spoken out against the leaders of this country, I would almost be disapointed if they weren't! So what if a few thousand international calls were listened to?

                 It has been known for many years that the gov't has these large computers that monitor EVERY CALL in the U.S. Don't any of you watch the "Discovery Channel"? They even showed the computers a few years back! ALL CALLS are monitored, certain words will be caught, or recognized, by the computers, and those calls containing those words are singled out for further scrutiny. It's simple, people, we have been monitored for many years.

                   Did you know that every cell phone and computer sold here in the U.S. contains a small chip to let the gov't slip in the "back door"? It is called the "Clipper-Chip". Or, at least, that was the last name I heard it called. During the first Iraqi war, back in '91, do you think it was just good work by our armed forces that brought Saddam down so quickly? It was partly due to them, but the gov't let it be known, after the war, that all of the computers the Iraqis were using were from the good old U. S. of A.

                At the start of the hostilities, a signal was sent to those computers, and they all crashed! "Strike from within". One of the most common, and often overlooked, strategies for fighting a war! Take away the enemies eyes and ears, and you WILL defeat him quickly. How do I know these things? Well, the discovery channel for one, and from a little book titled "The Art of War",  by Sun Zu. Pick it up sometime, and give it a read.

                You will most likely NOT find it on Oprah's reading list, but it is a good book. I find advice in there that I can use every day. So, let's stop pissin' and moaning about how the gov't is abusing our rights, and focus on the problems at hand...namely stopping terrorists from killing anymore Americans.


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My "Minions"

  Well, I haven't written in a while, and I apoligize for that, my little minions! Someone once called everyone that reads here my "minions". The person did this to be mean and hurtful. Now, I could have gotten mad....sure, but what purpose would that serve? I kind of liked the idea of having "minions", so I used it to my advantage!

                Therein lies the reason for my latest diatribe---take what people use against you, and turn it around. Use it as a joke if you have to. Just, please, don't let little things get to you. There are far too many big things that will get you sooner or later. Life is short, I know. Believe me, I know.

             Besides, the person who coined the term "minions", referring to the people here, is someone I sort of know. I don't think they really meant anything bad by it. I really like that person, and I just decided to take it in stride. Besides, this person and I share more than they are willing to admit....but I won't tell what  it is.

                "Don't sweat the petty stuff...and don't pet the sweatty stuff!!!!!".


                Holla' If You Hear Me!!!