Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Just Had to Tell This One

    Ok, stop me if I have told you this one. I was about 14 years old, and we were in Missouri at the time. My mom had left my step-dad, the red neck truck driver, and was back with my real dad. We were in a big bar in some backwater town in Mo. Mom was drinking her favorite, screwdrivers, and I was having a coke, and grabbing sips of mom's drinks when the bartender/owner wasn't looking. My dad was off in the back playing pool, I think.


          This guy comes over to my mom, and tells her she is really pretty. I figure the guy MUST be drunk, but what the hell, it was my mom, so I resented his advances toward her. Ma just blows him off, and he goes away. Soon, here he comes back, so I get up out of my seat, but ma says to sit back down...she's got this. I know my mother well enough to know that when she says "I've got this", she really HAS got it! So, like a good son, I sit back down. The drunk hasn't missed my actions, and asks if I am lookin' for an ass-whoopin'? I reply that he wouldn't know where to start, but I could certainly show him where to get off! I had very little sense when I was young. Must have been all of the beatings! LOL


          So, this idiot tells my mom that "you and I are leaving, bitch!". Now, you need to know that one of the words that you NEVER even THOUGHT of saying around my mother was "bitch". The consequences of which I was NEVER brave enough to try out! My mom tells this asshole to get lost, she will forgive his "indiscretion" this one time, and he is all the luckier for it. Somehow, through the fog of booze that clouded his apparently small mind, he thought this was the funniest thing that he had ever heard! So, he put his hand on my mother's leg....that's when things went badly for him.


         My mother used to carry a gun, a pistol, to be exact. This was no "Saturday Night Special". This was a Smith and Wesson snub-nosed .38. This thing was chrome plated, and was just the sweetest gun in the world. Perfect for a female that wasn't afraid of it. It had a hell of a bark to it, but it's bite was even worse!! Oh yes, it would make a nice hole in you, and I had fired it many times before. I saw it coming out of the purse that night, the light from overhead caught it's side, and it fairly gleamed when it came out. ItKNEW it was going to work that night. And it loved it's work!


             Mom stuck it in the guy's face, and told him to back up. Stunned, I guess, he asked "why"? My mom said "so I don't get your blood on me, of course"! He did back up, and was promptly treated to the bark, and the bite of that little .38! In the hip, or the leg, memory fails at some of the details, but I know he was screaming "she shot me" as we were going out the door. Mom never liked the word "Bitch", but she always LOVED that pistol of hers. Truth be told, I loved it more than she did.


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Truth in My Writings---

    A few months back, I wrote a poem for a fallen brother. The man that poem was written for was my brother...the boy who was born to my mother a year after me. My real brother, family. I also wrote in that poem that we "had fought back to back". This was the truth; he and I had stood, literally, back to back, and fought. Here is how that came about...


           My brother and I were in Michigan at the time. The town we lived in was mostly black. There were very few whites, and most of them were afraid to leave their homes. My brother and I weren't among that group. We had things to do, and money to make, so we were very active in our "community". This one day, he and I were talking, and walking...we paid no attention to where we were. We were not in a good place. We discovered this only too late.


         The shouts of "cracker", "honkey", "white-bread", and "whitey" didn't deter us. My brother became agitated, but I said to him, "don't let a few names get to you. They are just trying to goad us into a fight...fuck 'em". He could live with the name-calling, but then came the beer bottle that sailed by us, and shattered on the sidewalk. That's when everything went to hell.


     My brother said "this is where it starts". He said he would be dammed if he would let that slide! I quickly reminded him that at last count, there were six of them, and only two of us. I thought to err on the side of caution was the better defense...he did not share my enthusiasim. I knew we were screwed. This was going to end badly for us, I just wondered  how badly?


         You see, racism goes both ways. We were the wrong color, and in the wrong neighborhood...we would have to pay the price for that. It wasn't personal...we were just in the right place at the wrong time. We stopped to make a stand. My brother said to put my back against his. As long as we stuck together, no one could get between us. I pointed out that we had no hope of winning...he pointed out that we had the element of surprise. Huh??? Surprise???


         Sure, he told me...they think we are some of those spoiled white boys from the other side of town. These guys had no idea who they were fuckin' with he told me. I suddenly started to get just what he was saying. These guys thought we were easy pickings...we weren't. We only lived a couple of blocks away, and we certainly weren't spoiled little rich white boys. We made our stand right there on the sidewalk.


            It was a tough fight. We were pulled apart several times, but managed to get back together. We were bloody, and fairly spent afterwards. I will never say that we won, but as my brother told me that day..."any street fight you can walk away from"...and we did walk away that day. As a matter of fact, we walked away with our heads held a little higher than before!


          I never would have thought to keep our backs together, but my brother did. He was younger than me by one year...he was wiser than me by many years. No wonder I wrote a poem to his memory. He was worth it. He was definitely worth it.


               Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fair is Fair...

      Well, here we are again to hear one of my opinions...and that is just what they are, my opinions. For better or worse, these are simply my thoughts on the world today. Let's take a moment to talk about African-American politicians....I know this will end badly.


            Let us take a look at Mayor Ray Nagin, of New Orleans. Petty, spiteful, and no help at all to "his people". (his words, not mine). I see he is on C.N.N. asking all kinds of people, black, white, hispanic, whatever, to "work together" to rebuild New Orleans. Well now, isn't that just 'peachy'? Just a short while ago, he said that he would be sure that New Orleans would remain a "chocolate city". But that was cool for him to say. What if a white mayor had made a similar statement?


         Something like "well, we can rebuild this city as mostly 'vanilla' now". I'll tell you just what would have happened...political suicide!!! It seems ok for a minority to spout off crap, and racist shit like that, but you better not say it if you are 'white'. C'mon, fair is fair! If an African-American says something "off color", everyone just goes on along with it. Let a 'white guy' say some shit like that, and he is publicly hanged in minutes!!! And, yes, the damn media is partly at fault.


         Have you been watching the African-American congress-woman who was in the news lately? She tried to push her way through a security check-point, only to be stopped by a security officer,(performing his/her duty), because of a lack of an Id badge! Yeah, she went on the news screaming that she was "manhandled", and treated wrong. She also stated her treatment was because she was black. WRONG, sweetheart, you had NO Id!!!


        It seems awful 'convenient' that when she was set for an interview a couple of days ago that she refused to speak further on the matter, and even got up and left the interview!  Unfortuneatly for her, her microphone was still on, and her ranting was captured, and used against her! I say good! Chalk one up for the good guys. I am sick and tired of being "politically correct". If you screw up in public, I don't give a damn what color you are, you suffer the consequences!!! Fair is fair!


       I am sick to death of coddling these fuckin' prima donnas simply because they are a minority! Black, brown, white, red ,yellow, purple, blue, I don't give a damn. You get NO special treatment here. If I hit a black man, it is considered a 'hate crime'. Doesn't matter that he might have been starting some shit with me, I am the one in the wrong. If, however, the black man hits ME, then that is just fine, it is just an assualt!?!?!? Fuck that! If I hit ANYONE, it is a hate crime, because I must hate you to hit you in the first place!!! Your color doesn't matter!!!


         Fair is fair. ANY CRIME is a hate crime! Think about it...if you LIKED the person, WHY would you commit a crime against them? The world is messed up enough. Let's just be fair about everything. If you screw up, then you screw up...get up and go on from there. And, on a closing note, you people who point your fingers at 'white people' who mess up, and raise the most hell(and you yourself are white), are the biggest assholes of them all! You should take a looong walk off a short pier!!!!!!


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

...And Then the other shoe Dropped...

   So, have you seen the news lately? I don't believe everything that the "talking heads" on the tube tell me, but I find the latest scandal to be just that, scandalous!  Would someone save us from our "elected" officials?


            Now, far be it from me to criticize, or belittle our government officials,(wink, wink), but it seems that F.E.M.A. now wants over seven million dollars returned to them!! The report that I heard said that this money went to people in Texas, mistakenly, of course, for fixing up vacation homes!!!  Now, stop writing the hate mail, I did not say that the good people of Texas were doing anything wrong. Hell, I think Texas took in the most survivors from hurricane Katrina. This is just another example of how pitifully our gov't is being run.


         F.E.M.A. dropped the ball on this one from the start...slow response, no one who knew just what to do, the head of F.E.M.A. resigns right in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters in ages. People going without food and water for days, even weeks. Folks stuck in flooded areas for days on end, without supplies. This whole thing has been a debacle! F.E.M.A. has a real emergency; they need look no further than their own offices to find it! The Salvation Army store where my wife works had clothing and other supplies to folks in southern Mississippi BEFORE F.E.M.A. even showed up! That is just wrong!


            You know, I don't care if the people in office are Democrat or Republican....just do your damn job! I think ALL of them should be fired, and some people with common sense be put in these offices! For shit's sake, we STILL have people living in motels!! Whole families!! Imagine spending seven or eight months in ONE ROOM with your whole family! No one could withstand that kind of strain! So, Washington, STOP FUCKING AROUND!!! Get these people some help, now!!!


                 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

...Like Kids on the Playground...

.........So, there I was, just minding my own business, watching CNN on the tube, when President Bush comes on. "Breaking News" they called it. So there he is, the Commander in Chief, and he is defending good ol' boy, Donald Rumsfeld! So, what is new?


        Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Mr. Bush sometimes seems like a kid on the playground....constantly saying "Uh huh, Uh huh"! I just can't get that vision out of my head! He seems to be forever defending someone in his "cowboy cabinet". Or defending some of his obviously un-true statements---"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction". Yeah, right, and monkeys are flying out of my ass!!!


           And, still, some of the people  here in America(fuckin' Republicans), continue to support him?!?! C'mon people, even I can tell when I am getting lied to! Believe me, I am neither Republican nor Democrat...I believe both parties are equally crooked! Someone PLEASE tell our President to NOT look like a kid on the playground when defending someone in his cabinet????


        Just say "Fuck 'em" to his detractors...I would surely respect the man far more than I do right now. C'mon, Mr. Bush, just tell 'em to "piss off"!!!


                        Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Can It Be?

   I have mentioned before that when my mother died almost two years ago, I had to make a "pilgramage" back to Missouri. I have also told some of you how it felt like "home", and just felt right to me to be there. Now, most of you also know that I recently found my dad in Missouri. He is sick, and not doing well. My need to see him is great, and I have stated this before. I have also stated that if I go, I will never come back home....the pull of my birth-place is just that strong to me.


          Here is my dilema; I am being pulled toward Missouri, but I am also being pulled to stay right where I am. I am anchored here by a woman. Could it be the LOVE of that woman? I have no idea. I only know that I cannot break her spell; she is obviously using some kind of black magic to control me! This is ME! I was used to keeping women in different places, and not worry about them. Now I have only ONE, and I can't seem to break away from her?


            Men. We enter into "love" blindly. We go where Angels and Demons fear to tread. We walk avenues that some will never see, only to be trapped by a woman's love. How does this happen? How can we be so completely used? How can we NOT break away from some women? Is it all of the years I have spent with her? Is it the memories? Is it "love"? I am pulled in two directions, and it is killing me. I love her, but I feel this "pull" from somewhere else...from my home, from my kin, some would say from my "destiny".  Men.....we just can't handle women.


              Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

You Know I had To---

  Ok, I thought if I just held off this would go away but it hasn't. What am I on about this time? The protests and rallys all around the country by mostly Latino peoples about the new legislation to make illegal alien status a felony. I really didn't want to comment on this, 'cause if I do, I will sound like a bigot. And to some extent, I suppose that I am....


         Two things come quickly to mind. I see the protesters on the news, and most are carrying signs that proclaim "We are not criminals". Yes you are! If you are in a country, any country, illegally, then you are a criminal. You also see signs that scream out, "We are Americans", yet they are carrying Mexican flags!?!? Did I miss something there? You're an American, yet you are waving a Mexican flag? Mmmmm


            You know, if I were in a country illegally, the last place you would see me is in the middle of a big protest. It seems that you would not want to draw any unwanted attention to yourself? Hell, maybe that's just me, huh?  I would try my best to just "blend in", and not cause any trouble....but, what the hell do I know?


            Here is just a thought on this whole mess; if the new laws bother you sooo much, go back to your country of origin!!! There, I said it. No, it is NOT "politically correct", and I don't really give a shit! I am so sick and tired of people coming here wanting a better life, and then bitchin' about something or other! Go back to your fuckin' mud huts, and then tell me how bad it is here!!!


          Did you know that in some states illegal aliens can get full benefits from state and federal welfare programs? I have lived here all my life, and was born here, and I cannot get jack shit from those people. Hell, I even served in the Army, and the Welfare Office treats ME like shit! There are familes that have been getting welfare money for several generations. I can't even get a second look from the bastards.


          So, please, don't come to MY COUNTRY, and then tell me how hard you have it.....I COULD CARE LESS! Leave, go back where you came from....youwont hurt my feelings one little bit.


                    Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pieces That Don't Quite Fit---

  Hello, my little minions! Sorry, but I still have this stupid cold! I really hate a head cold...I have a lot of empty space up there, so one can just move in and stay! But, what the hell, I'm certainly not using the space!!!


         Well, it looks as if I will be caring for BOTH of my grandchildren again this summer. More on that later...I am sure I will thoroughly disgust ALL of you with the details. They are just sooo cute!! I really enjoy being with them, even when they run me completely down.


         Now, then, on my desk here, I have an old Rubik's Cube. Please tell me you remember those annoying little bastards! It sits there, unsolved, even though I pick it up and give it a shot once in awhile. One of my friends told me he could solve it for me. He said that little kids are good at it because they have not lost the ability to think in three dimensions yet, like adults do. My friend also believes in Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, so........................


           I almost said "yes, go for it". But I didn't. Why? The Cube sort of reminds me of life. It's just a jumble of different objects, WE have to straighten it out for ourselves. Of course, we never do get it quite right; some things in place, some out of place by just a little, and some things, not even close! I think if we were to solve our 'cube' (life), right away, then what would be left to do? I think I will just keep trying to solve both for the time being....what else is there to do?


                       Holla' If You Hear Me!!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Back Again!!

  Shit! I must have been really pissed-off for that last entry!! Oh, well, screw the cops...power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!!


          I should be shot!! I have pulled up lame these last few days. I have got me one of those "summer colds" going, and believe me, I am just miserable! I hate getting these when it starts getting warm outside...they seem worse than the ones that you get in the winter. I have no idea why that is, I just know that it is!


           Maybe I will feel better next week...or maybe not, who gives a shit?


                 Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

What Happened to our Rights?

   So there you are going down the highway, maybe speeding a little. State trooper pulls you over, asks to see your license, registration, and proof of insurance. He runs your tag, and your license, and they come back clean. He comes back to your car and gives you some bullshit about drugs being trafficked on this particular stretch of highway, and could he search your car.


          Being who you are(me particuarlly), you reply with a firm "no". Well, this just won't do! This Nazi stormtrooper wants a look in your car, so he calls a canine unit. This car arrives promptly, and the dog is led around your car. Let's say he finds nothing, and this Nazi fuck decides he has seen enough of you, so he lets you go. The way I see it, your constitutional rights have just been violated!


             That's right. You gave NO CONSENT to search your vehicle. Yet, a POLICE OFFICER was led around your car to SEARCH IT!!! You ever hit a police attack-dog? You will be charged with hitting a POLICE OFFICER. Your car has just been searched, even though you gave no consent to do so! Rights? Yeah, you just gave them up.


            Oh, wait, the cops will say they had "probable cause". Here is some good advice---"probable cause" is the most vague bullshit that the courts and the cops have ever come up with! This can be anything from a "strange odor" in your car to a "funny look" you gave the cop!  "Probable Cause", my ass!!! I can't believe how many people fall for that shit! If you are African American, or Mexican, here in Mississippi, that is all the "probable cause" that a cop needs to stop you!


             This is just smoke and mirrors for the cops to hide behind. When will people learn that we do not live in a Martial Law society? The police do not own us. We have our own free will---use it!!!

Monday, April 3, 2006

We Lost Another One

  No doubt some of you have already read about the biker that was shot and killed in Connecticut on the highway. One other bro was grazed by a bullet from the crazed asshole that did the shooting. He is said to be doing fine. These men were members of the Hell's Angels.....surely a Connecticut Chapter of them.


         Some people just don't get it, even to this day. These were just regular guys. The man that was killed was said to be 61 years old. The guy probably had grandkids like me! Some people see someone on a motorcycle, and they think "Scooter trash", nothing more. These so-called "Straight" people have no problem running over a biker, and then telling the cop, "I never saw him, it was a motorcycle, you know how hard they are to see".


          "HELL'S ANGELS". This was emblazoned on their riding leathers. What part of that name did this person NOT understand? These are the most respected(and feared) bikers in the world. In my lifetime, I have learned many things, one of those things being this...bikers look after their own, the Hell's Angels more so than anyone else. If the person who did the shooting somehow has the sense to read this, do yourself a favor; turn yourself in to the police wherever you find yourself!


         One of the other many things that I learned at a tender young age---the Hell's Angels have chapters all over the U.S.A. You will be found; you just have to decide if you want the bikers to find you first, or the cops. At least with the cops you still have some rights. With the bikers? Well, let's just say that they don't stand on legal ceremonies too much. There are many forms of "justice"...I am sure that a bunch of bikers can come up with some form for someone who guns down one of their bros on the road.


           Personally, I don't believe in taking a human life. Too bad the shooter gave up that idea when he/she pulled that trigger. My asessment is that I hope the bikers find you first. I also hope they make you suffer for a few days before you come to your ultimate end. You are a coward, the lowest kind of belly-crawling snake in the world. I remember someone once said "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero but one". I hope this is true for this shooter, I really do.


        My heart goes out to the bro who died, and his family, and his bros in the club. I feel strongly anytime something like this happens. Would I have written this if it was just another "Joe" in a car who was killed? Probably not, but  then, I don't belong to that crowd, now do I?


               "RIDE TO LIVE, LIVE TO RIDE"

                Holla' For The Lost Bro!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

You're Kiddin' Me!!!

    Well, now that that is taken care of(weirdcrazycool, huh?), I have to tell all of you something. Something strange. I love Chinese food. We have a small Chinese restaurant about 30 miles from here, and sometimes my wife and I were known to sneak off to go there.


          Now, as you might have guessed by now, it isn't just a fried chicken and hot-wings joint. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine. This would include "Sushi". About two years ago, my oldest daughter dared me to try some of it. "No way am I eating raw fish", was my response. Well, this went on for a couple of weeks, and I finally tried some. I had tasted raw oysters before(long story, involves bikers and beer), so I thought, "how bad can it be"?


     I loved it! Now, let's jump to the present day. A new Chinese place just opened up about three weeks ago. This one is buffet style, so it isn't fancy. The weird thing is that they have an extensive line of sushi. They even have raw oysters. My wife and I met some friends of ours today  at the new Chinese restaurant for lunch. It was great!


         I have tried to cut down on my fried foods. I am at an age that I need to stop doing some of the things that I do...a lot of them, actually. I had nothing but sushi and oysters today, and believe me, I went back for seconds! At one point, my friend asked me if I ate anything that was cooked today! LOL No, i didn't eat anything that was cooked. But I had fun, and had some good food!


              Ok, so what is my point? Good question, children(minions). Try something new once in awhile. You might like it, you might not. If you don't like it, then you have wasted nothing more than the time that you spent trying it. Now, with that goes a word of caution; start simple! If you have never gone sky-diving, please don't rush out and jump out of an airplane! That can come later.


             You see, I KNOW that some people who read here do the exact same thing every day. Just change some things, and see if you like it. If not, then change back to your normal routine. Hey, I see it this way, a rut is nothing more than a grave waiting to be filled in! So try something different once in awhile!! Who knows, you might find a "hidden" talent?


                  Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Intrigue? Mystery?

 I recently recieved this in my in-box....


Comment Added
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Entertain Me!!
Comment from: coopntuck
".....never could resist an "invite"!   I am not someone you DON't know, you just don't know that you know me.  I am someone who has had almost the same kind of life, only from the other side of the spectrum.  So when you are worried that I don't "know you", don't kid yourself,....I LIVED with you......I bet I know things about you that YOU don't even know......"



     Now I am intrigued!! You LIVED with me? I think I would have noticed that one! Please, enlighten us, Coop---I can call you "Coop", can't I? I must say that I am perplexed; you have most certainly piqued my interest. Did you physically live with me, or just sort of figurativly?  Coop, I must say, you have my full and un-divided attention! I am here, and I am listening..............


                    Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Entertain Me!!

 Well, here we are again. This "blog" has been here for just over two years. You have seen it all, and then some. Now, let me see something. With so many people reading here, some of you MUST have a favorite story of yourselves to tell. My favorite? It would have to be the way that my wife and I were married. I love that girl like no one else, even when I am mad at her.


         She does things that only she can understand(I sure as hell can't). She does things her way, or no way...that is just how she is.  I will never completely figure her out, but then, maybe that is just how it is supposed to be...what the hell do I know?


           Let me see your stories. Jean, I have your's already. Mollie, I know your's too. Mairia, I would LOVE to hear from you. And, someone, please tell me just WHO CoopnTuck is? I cannot, for the life of me figure this one out! Alece, Sally, anyone else, let's hear it. DKBsNurse, I know your story; but I also know that you love to write poetry, so have a go at it here! Bob, aka, Mr. Death, let's hear from you! Anyone else I didn't name, just jump in here anywhere! I have entertained all of you for two years, now it is your turn!


                         Holla' If You Hear Me!!!