Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Lesson

Today's post is more of a lesson. Something that happened to me in my mis-spent youth. The year was 1976. I was sixteen, and looking for a summer job. Nothing really jumped out at me, and my grandmother was helping to find me a job. She read in the paper that garbage men were needed.

Upon hearing this news, I scoffed. "Garbage man"? That was too far beneath me! I kept on looking. As I lived in a semi-rural area, jobs were hard to come by. Eventually I swalloed my pride, and interviewed for the garbage man position. To my dismay, I was hired on the spot!!!

As I got to know the guys on the trucks, and spent time on the job with them, I realized something; they were no different than myself! They were pepole just like me, they just worked a thankless job. These guys worked hard, and long hours for very little pay.

Well, as things go, I told my grandmother about my new feelings for the garbage men. She told me I had learned a lesson in humility. She told me to always remember that I am above no one! I may be someone's equal, but I am never better than another human being...we are all in the same boat here on Earth.

My grandmother has since passed on, but the lesson has stayed with me. I think all of us should work at least one summer on a garbage truck.........

Friday, December 12, 2008

I missed two very important dates...November 16, and December 3rd. Those are the dates of when I and a friend of mine quit smoking five years ago. I have no idea how I overlooked those dates. Those are critical dates to me. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life was on December 3, 2003. My friend, as you can clearly see, had a couple of weeks on me. I loved her, and now she is gone. I said my goodbyes, but it still leaves me with a weird feeling, knowing that I can never ask her for advice again.

And if you are thinking about me meeting up with her later on the "other side", think again. There are special places for such a kind-hearted soul as hers, and one as black as mine. I hate it when people say that someone who has died is "in a better place". I hate it, but I hope for her that it is true. I am no longer babysitting the grandkids. My son-in-law lost his job just before Thanksgiving. He never misses work, but was sick, and went to the doctor on a Friday afternoon, and his boss fired him. This is Mississippi, we have no labor laws here! He worked for these people for 11 years!

And in even worse news, I have heard just about every kind of threat on Mr. Barack Obama, our new president-elect. Let me explain something right now...some stupid fucking redneck will try to take him out. Of this I am sure. I am also sure of one other thing...that single action will spread more fear and chaos in the United States than any terorrist could ever hope for. If you are reading this and having stupid thoughts....just don't, ok? You have no idea what will follow...I do know, and it won't be pretty. We don't need to be fighting amongst ourselves, we need to fight the rich scumbags that run Washington...not the new pres.