Monday, April 28, 2008

The More things Change...

Well, things have quieted down some around here. I have some new medicine for my dizziness...let's all hope it works! Or not, whatever. I got Alex (son-in-law) a box of premium cigars for his birthday. I always get him a knife, so I thought I would add a little "extra" this time. I'm not too inspired to write just now. It would seem that my muse has fled again. Like the rats leaving a sinking ship. That analogy fits in more than one way...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Loss of a Friend

"And there came a pale horse, and upon it sat a pale rider. And his name was Death". I lost a beautiful friend today. Last night, actually. I'm sorry, but for this one, I just don't have the words...I miss you, Jean, my "little sister."

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Place to Visit!!!




LONDON, ON – In only one year, has evolved from a Web-based dating connection into a life-asserting online community. With chat rooms, personal profiles, and photo albums, it is best described as a cross between My Space, Face Book, and a dating site…but with a twist. It is niched for those who are physically or medically disabled – and there is nothing else like it online.

Louise Maxwell, the site’s founder and administrator, has been instrumental in drastically changing the lives of its members. With close to 2400 members before its current restructure, including lawyers, pastors, psychologists, and other professionals, the site has become a support system for the disabled by the disabled – and a support for parents of disabled children. is quickly building a reputation for providing a new outlook or purpose in life as members become extended family – and many have developed friendships and romance that otherwise would not have been possible. "Louise made me feel worthy and confident…not trapped and sad," said one member. "I have never felt so good about myself in my entire life."

Online membership ranges from age 21 to 87 with most between 40 and 55. Maxwell takes the time to discover each person’s strengths and brings it out through chat room conversations to help build self-esteem. And she is extremely protective of her online community. Spammers and scammers are quickly identified and eliminated to protect the vulnerable members.

Maxwell worked more than twenty years in medical offices surrounded by the very ill and disabled – and she was in her comfort zone. After becoming disabled herself in her late thirties due to numerous back surgeries following a car accident, she discovered that she continually had to prove she was smart and capable. Being housebound for nearly ten years, she felt isolated…and understands the needs of the disabled community first hand. "Just because you’re physically handicapped doesn’t mean that your heart and soul are. We’re empowering people to be who they want to be," said Maxwell.

At the type of disability doesn’t matter – the important thing is that everyone is regarded as an individual with unique talents and aspirations. Maxwell recognizes this in each member and strives to make everyone feel good about themselves.

"Members form a unique community in which they feel safe, accepted, and appreciated regardless of their country of origin," said Maxwell, "because in the hearts of the disabled, no border exists."

CONTACT: Louise Maxwell, 



Jesus Wept

...So what's new, right? It seems like I always have something to say! I just wanted to make a comment for those that suffer from depression. There is a passage in the Bible that simply states "Jesus Wept". If He suffered from depression, indeed he did weep.

       If "Jesus wept", then it seems he got over it. Depression is different. I think I can speak for most when I say that depression is like the worst thing that ever broke your heart....and it happens to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is no reprieve, no holiday from it. You can wake up with every intention of having a good day, but the crushing depression takes care of that very quickly.

       People tell you to just "get over it". Don't we wish! How would you like to have your heart ripped out every day, no matter what you WANTED to feel like? That is depression, and it hardly ever gets any better. Jesus wept sounds like a small problem to me. And, please, I am not comparing myself to Jesus, or anyone spiritual, I am just making a point.        actually, if one were to look at all things considered, I think maybe Jesus was a bit depressed, maybe?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All Fool's Day

Shit! I missed April Fool's Day! Oh, well, I guess there are enough fools out there to keep everyone busy! If you feel the urge to laugh at a fool, just tune in Mr. Bush at anytime his mouth is moving! I find it totally hilarious just how much information has been suppressed about global warming during his dictatorship in the interest of preserving the oil business!

         Oh, wait, he is in the oil business! Now it all makes sense! I hope at some point you realize that I am being far as I am concerned, sarcasm is a dying art-form these days. Everyone wants satire. That shit is just too dry and un-funny! Satire is best left to the political cartoonists, and maybe Jerry Sienfeld. Sarcasam is where the money is! Follow my lead here...

   ....."You might be a redneck"...if you are STILL listening to that 25 year old shit! "Git-R-Done"...Have you ever seen a cable-guy DO ANYTHING?!..."Here's Your Sign"...Yeah, if the sign says 'outdated, over the hill bullshit'. After these so-called "Blue Collar Comedians" we have Mr. Ron White, my hero! A drunk who isn't afraid to go public! Out of these four so-called funny-men, I find only Ron White to be the funny one! Come, Mr. White, it is time that you hooked up with the premier funny guy on the planet, ME! Drop those outdated assholes you run with, and I will show you how to hone your craft to a fine edge! And believe it or not, I would tell these guys they are outdated and not very funny...just say the word! Questions, comments, rude remarks? You know where to find me!


;-) Holla' If You Hear Me!!! ;-)