Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's Been Awhile---

     I have returned, my children. I was not able to come here for a bit---personal demons, that sort of thing. I have been very busy, however. My grandchildren come almost daily to visit. I have spent time cleaning out my pc. I have also been VERY busy making, and shipping my jewelry to different parts of the Country.

     Everyone here is fine---my wife fell off of the porch steps last Saturday. I was in the shower, but my youngest daughter was outside with her. She is ok, nothing broken, but boy, is she sore!! She is such a little thing, and fragile(to me, anyway!). I have tried to get her to a doc, but she says she is fine.

     Dove-Hunting season is here!! Actually it starts around the first of September. You can hear shotguns all day, untill last shooting light anyway. Nearly everyone here hunts---I used to, but not anymore. I own two compound bows, and have been testing my skills a little of late. I see that I am still pretty good with both!

      Well, I need to go for now, but I just wanted to catch you up on cool, and stay out of trouble!

                                 THE DRAGON MASTER

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hello?? Is This Thing Turned On-----

     My, my, my....only ONE response to my last entry---and a girl at that!! That's the problem with people these days---they just don't care anymore. Apathetic--Lazy---Afraid to speak out---who knows, who cares???

       My one and ONLY responder has stated that she likes a spirited DEBATE---not argument, but refreshing!  Someone who can speak rationally about a subject WITHOUT losing their composure---I salute you, TC!!  You know who you are!

        That's all for today, my children....but I shall play nice with each other!!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Death of the United States

    Gather 'round, children, as I tell you the sad tale of a strong nation, brought to it's knees by a mad-man. That nation is America. That man is our leader, the president. It was once a proud, Independent Nation, a nation who cowered before no one. All of that ended in January of 2000.

       That's right, our nation bleeds, and it is our soldiers who are paying the high cost---the "Ultimate Price" as the Sergeants called it when I was in. If the flat-out attack on Afghanistan wasn't enough, Our President then decides to attack Iraq. We were lied to so that attack could happen!! How do I know that we were lied to?? Simple...

        Our gov't has MANY spy satellites circling the earth---MORE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY. They can spot  ANY hot-spots here on earth from space(hot-spots is what the gov't calls  "storage areas" for radioactive materials. If Iraq ACTUALLY had any, they could have found them from the sky, NOT on the ground, where our soldiers are!

         Now, our leader has turned his eye toward Iran; Hasn't ANYONE told this "monster" that you never fight a war on TWO SEPERATE FRONTS.....let alone three???  How many more of our young people must die before someone stops this madness??  100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000???  Wake up, people!!  The entire world is laughing and pointing at us....WE have become the WARMONGER of the world.

          The people of the mid-east tell us everyday, "Americans Go Home!!!" Leave these places... let them kill everyone of themselves. These people have been around for THOUSANDS of years, and STILL haven't gotten their shit together! Let them destroy themselves! We already fought our Vietnam....get out now!!  Do any of you actually want another black wall somewhere with 58,000 names written in BLOOD, AMERICAN BLOOD???

          Am I the only one who sees this monster for just what he is??  How could this have happened? Do you REALLY THINK ANY soldier dying on foreign soil will bring back ANYONE lost inthe attacks of 2001? Why in the hell am I the only one to speak out on this? I love my country, but we are really taking a pounding in the world view. Except for Britain....the leaders there have their head so far up our leader's ass, they can't see what is going on. I can, and the view ain't none too pretty!!

            Wake up---wake up---wake up!!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Back Again

     So, I am finally back!! I have had some downtime due to a back injury. You know the old saying, "if I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!".  Why am I here?  DAMN GOOD QUESTION!! The only answer I can give is that I wanted to leave something for my daughters, and my grandchildren.

     I have also been EXTREMLY busy with my jewelry designs. I have come up with lots of them, and even made the proto-types for a few of them. I spent the entire weekend running after a four year old, helping with a seven month old baby, and trying to work on my designs----with the four year old on my lap, constantly asking for something to paint! Might as well get her started young!

     If I knew how to sell on the 'net, I would, but everyone on E-Bay just wants their "cut"....except the guy trying to sell, everyone makes money! I can't stand that place---it takes three days just to get through the instructional videos, on how to use the damn site----no thanks!

     Take care, children, untill you hear from me next----Adieu!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Last few days---

   Last few days have been doctor is nuts!!  Not going back...I will now have to repair what that idiot screwed up!!  Damn, I love setbacks!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2004

No Subject

      OK, so the last two posts were a little rough....wah,wah, wah!!!  What do you expect? Society made the "perfect monster", and then they want to yell "foul" when the monster bites-----screw 'em all!!  I think being without any meds is a GOOD THING!!!  I can think better, and it never hurts to let the Dragon out to "play" for a little while!!!  I like the Dragon....pure, raw, power...a destructive force that cannot be tamed!! I love to turn it loose!!!

        May God, or whatever Diety you believe in protect you when I turn it loose!!!  I actually LOVE the feeling of NOT being in control!!!!!!!!!  My wife thinks I am gonna pop a vein!  Am I nuts??  Hell Yeah!!! I have papers to prove it!!  Manic Depressive, Schizophrenic(sp?), Totally Insane!!! The doctors have said it all before!!  They've had me on a million different meds!!  Like I said here before, ain't it cool to watch some poor bastard self-destruct through the "magic" of the internet???  That's right, you can cheer them on, but not get your hands dirty----let's see if we can change all of that, hmmm???


  OK, so yesterday was a bad day. Around 7:15 pm, I snapped! That's right, I TOTALLY LOST IT!!  The little rubber-band inside my head that keeps things together finally popped! I went all-out---screaming as loud as I could--red faced, high blood pressure, actually foaming at the mouth pissed off!  I even stood in my front yard, and screamed as loud as I could!! I was swearing I would KILL everyone who had ever made me mad! I let the Dragon roar, and it felt damn good!

     I am supposed to be seeing a "shrink" all of the time. Well, she quit last January---no doctor means NO MEDS!!!  I guess a certain person just pushed me over the edge yesterday, then stayed at home when I exploded. He has delighted in doing this to me for many years. He WILL NOT fight...he is a first class pussy, and a coward!  He is my age, so it's not like he is a kid. He delights in slandering my name to anyone who will listen. I have had him stand and curse me untill he turns blue!! But if I make a move toward him, he jumps in his truck and RUNS HOME!!! I want to get my hands on him....I will use a belt on him, just like a little KID!!  That's how he acts, so I will treat him that way!!

       I have seen this "so-called" 'man' curse his MOTHER, his SISTER, even HIT his dad when he was alive, and his dad was crippled!!  Yes, I have seen him do some terrible things....he will get too close to me one time too many, and he will pay for EVERYTHING he has done to anyone in his sorry time here on earth!  He is no man, he is evil, and as such, someone needs to deal with him! The police won't pick him up....the cops we have here are his friends!! The cops are just as bad as he is!

    He is scum...I have never said anything about him to anyone else here in town. That is over---if he can talk about me worse than a dog, then I think it is only fair to return the favor!!  I just wish he would fight me!!  He won't, I have tried too many times!! He even enlisted the help of one of his friends to try and kill me, then stood right in my yard, and admitted that they were going to kill me!!! It should be legal to simply shoot a stupid bastard for that alone!!  He's a pussy, a coward, a bitch, and he will continue to skulk around like the RAT that he is!  I hope the little BITCH reads this---He can't say ANYTHING, if he does, then he admits to ALL of this!!

       Hope you have a nice day, you little BITCH!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Stupid Assholes Who should know Better!!!

Well, well. Here is something I have been keeping inside me for the last two just lies there, festering, rotting, and growing blacker with each passing day!  It was caused by another person...a 'medical' person---an Idiot, to say the least.

   My youngest child has had a counselor at school for just over two years now. She absolutely LOVES her counselor. In order for her to continue seeing the counselor, she has to check in with a "regular psychiatrist" every two or three months. So, we drive the 25 miles to the offices to take her. I will do anything in my power to help my children, and so would you!

      Sometimes the doctor asks to speak with my daughter alone for a moment. I understand the need for this, as the child may tell of things that she would not normally say in front of the parents. Don't think that I 'trust' this doctor with my daughter---not even for a second. I have even told her to just yell if she needs me, I am never far from that door!  I trust NO ONE---EVER!

        Seems I was right to be that way. After her last visit, two weeks ago, on the way back home, we decided to eat out. Our little girl was strangely quiet---she is NEVER quiet. On the drive home, I asked her what was wrong. She said "nothing, dad".  I asked what the doctor said to her, she ALWAYS comes out telling what they talk about, but not this time----.  She said she would tell me when we got home.   She did,later on.

        I didn't need to push her for what the doctor said to her. She just told me by herself. Seems that the doctor asked her if I was beating her!!  I was shocked at first, then pissed off---pissed off enough to end this man's carrer, and to cause him untold amounts of pain.  The thing that pissed me off the most is that he has seen this child for over two years, and has never had any reason to suspect that I beat her!! I do not hit my child....she is just a tiny 12 year old GIRL!!!

         SHIT!! I fight with the school every year about NOT hitting her with a paddle----a piece of fucking wood!!!  Now, this DICKHEAD thinks I am beating her???  He is from the mideast, I can barely understand what he says most of the time, but I know all too well the sounds made by a human when they are having the life choked from them. He will know that sound. There are people who would simply have gone back, and shot him on sight!

   My wife has asked me to give it a little time, for me to calm down. This is not one of those things that gets better with, not ever.  When my daughter goes back, this "doctor" will get one of the biggest surprises he  has ever had. I fear no man, and him even less! I know his build, his height, and the way that he moves. Forty-five seconds is all that it will take to teach him a very important lesson. Now, for those of you who are just a little on the 'macabre' side, I will NOT take his life...I don't have the right to decide if someone dies. He will know a good measure of pain, and he will know WHY he is experiencing it.

     This was worse than insulting me---he insulted me in the eyes of my child! This will not stand! He not only questioned my integrity, he has slandered me, and did it to my child. This is made worse because of the fact that my child is a girl. Had she been a son, he would have had the birth-rite to defend his dad. As a daughter, she could not do this. I will fix that for her---I will defend my honor!  If this little BASTARD thinks this is over....well, SURPRISE!!!