Friday, July 30, 2004

Forgot it!

     DAMMIT!  I had something really exciting to write about today, but I didn't get here 'till late. Now I have forgotten what it was! Shit! This is the curse of getting older. It sucks! I forget common words alot lately, also. Oh, well, screw it!

      Wife has been sick all week, and now I have to put drops in her ears...she can barely hear. She thinks I will get tired of helping her.....I am glad to have her head in my lap!!  ....wink, wink.....

        Anyway, Have a good weekend, folks, and treat each other nice,ok?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Our Freedoms

I play Video Games. Don't like it? Kiss my Ass. Plain and simple. I like them,and they get me out of my "reality" for a little while. Where else can I drive the world's most exotic cars at speeds of over 200 mph? Where else can I be a great warrior, and slay different kinds of animals? Where else can I be a top-notch criminal, and run rampant over an entire city?

   If you play, too, then I hope you have been paying attention to the political scene, of late. Do you know a gentleman named Senator Joe Liberman? That's ok, he doesn't know you, either. He doesn't play video games, either. BUT---he thinks he has the right to take them away from you and me! Yeah, I know, hell of a guy, huh? Well, here's the deal...I am 44 years old, and a registered voter. And believe me, I VOTE!!  Every chance I get!

       I vote AGAINST people like Sen Liberman!! There are others, just like him! I like to read, that is how I find out about guys like this! I have been a subscriber to "Official Playstation Magazine" for over five years! I even am on their "Gamer's Advisory Panel".  This is an exclusive club of "Expert Gamers". I have been a member of that  since it's inception over a year "original" you might say!

      OK, so what is my point? It's simply this; there are far too many people out there that want to ban Video Games COMPLETELY! Don't let them. If you are of voting age,VOTE!!!  Register and VOTE! OH, you don't like an "old man" telling you this? Well,here is some sad news---the video game industry makes more money from people MY AGE than anyone else! That's right, kiddies! Where do you think the kids get all of that money that they spend on games, and peripherals?? Now you're getting it---Mom and Dad!!

        But, I don't just buy for my kids---I buy for ME! So, I have an interest in WHO gets elected! YOU should too. What is it they say these days --- "Rock the Vote"? Do it! Get out there and DO IT!! Show them just how much POWER video-gamers can REALLY weild! Shut down these IDIOTS who want to take our games!

        Have you seen the ratings on the games? These "ratings" are set forth by the ESRB for video-games. Did you know that people MY AGE come up with the ratings? Did you also know that I will NEVER be accepted on the rating board? They don't actually PLAY the games being reviewed!!  The company that made the game sends them footage of the game, and they rate it based on that footage!!  Someone like me can NEVER be on the panel it comes........I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAMES!!!! Can you believe that shit?

         They also DO NOT publish a list of  WHO is on the ESRB panel!! Let's see here...THEY can infringe upon OUR lives,but WE cannot know who THEY are!! Seems about right! The good ol' U.S.A. Always someone in our ear telling us what is, and isn't good for us!!  Freedom is an illusion created by the gov't, to fool the "average idiot" walking around! Wake up, people. Before you know it, "they" will be knocking down our doors, and taking our consoles,and our pc's!!

                                       Stand Up, Fight Back!!   VOTE!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

True Love...Real Love...My Love

     "What is 'True Love'"?? I have heard this question many times in my time upon this tiny rock that we live. I will make no statements as to the nature of "True Love". I am neither a scholar, nor a philosopher. I deem myself un-worthy of such lofty discussions. But(and you KNEW this was coming), I CAN tell of my experiences.

    A mere 22 years ago I met a young lady. She was sitting in a window sill,watching me mow my yard. I was fresh out of Basic Training from the U.S. Army. We dated for a while,and were married that summer. I have a wierd sense of humor,so I promised her parades, fireworks, and pic-nics on every we married on July fourth!!

       Over the years, we have seen tragedies on both sides of our families. We both have endured crap from someone on "their" side of the family. It happens,it is just human nature. But along with everything else, we have seen miracles. We have seen two beautiful daughters born to us. So far, the oldest has graduated High School with Honors. She also has two awards from two different presidents of the United States for various acedemic pursuits. She was a member of the BETA Society(smart like her "old man", as she calls me),and has done far too much for me to list here. Not to mention that she is married, and has two beautiful children,and a good husband.

      My youngset daughter? She is only 12,but I am sure she will travel the same road as her older sister before her. Except she doesn't want to be married. She has plans to be a veternarian,and to work with white tigers. Don't ask why, I have NO idea.

         These are just a few of the things that my wife and I have seen. My wife is also my "best buddy". She is always at my side,but knows just when I "need some space". People still wonder why we act the way we do...holding hands in public, playing together, and, yes, I will kiss my wife in public! If you didn't know us, you would swear that we are just dating! It has been that way for 22 years, and I LOVE it!

          I love my wife unconditionally. My wife never misses a day of sending me cards on my computer, by E-mail. And, c'mon, the woman has NEVER lost a sock in the laundry!! That is just incredible! Before I met her, I don't think I ever wore matching socks!! That reason alone is good enough for me!! LOL

          Is this "True Love"? I can't say. Maybe not for some of you...but for us? It has worked so far...I only hope it keeps on working. I would scream it to the world---" I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!"  And, as usual, she will be there to say "stop acting like a fool!!!!"

                                      Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Real Life

       OK, if you don't like the last two entries, don't blame the writers. I asked them to put their stories here. I changed not one single word. I wanted them to stay un-changed by my hand. These stories are NOT mine,I have NO business changing ANYTHING. Don't like the style? Too bad, these are real, true stories. This is a glimpse into REAL LIFE.

       People hurt, and get hurt. People have different views on religion than you or I. People have persons come into, and out of their lives, sometimes tragically, sometimes by default. I have come to you, the reader, by default, or by you actively searching for something. Something strange, wierd, tragic, or a life different than yours....or much LIKE yours.  Who's to say?

        Above all, I hope that at some time, you can LEARN something here. What?? Well, hell, you're doing the readin', you tell me! I say if you can't be a shining example, then you just have to be a horrible warning. I seem to be the warning!!

          Treat each other nice, people.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Reader Submitted Story(seems to be catching on)

         And here is the NEXT big winner!!!


I am a person that knows that there is a higher power and I call this power God.  I don't believe God is only in bricks and mortar..  God is in the fields, mountain tops, the face of a child ,the eyes of the elderly who have lived a good and faithful life.  For me the ocean has always been a place I find God.    Weeks before my child died my husband said, "You are changing." and I said "I know, God is getting me ready for something and I am scared to death."  I was working at a large General Electric plant and at lunch sat with 2 men and a female.  One of the men was over 6 feet and a large man and he reached in his shirt pocket and pulled out a small testament and laughingly said he read on the throne.  (he was talking about his time in the bathroom).  I was impressed that this big guy would say that.  Then after a few days  sitting and listening to the 3 talk of God and a group they belonged to I began to feel hungry for the word.  One of the men came in one morning and laid some cassette tapes on my desk and asked if I would like to take them home.  This went on for a few weeks.  I would go home, pour a glass of wine and put on the tape.  The tapes were from speakers for the Full Gospel Business Men Assoc.   I was working there when I let my daughter who had been treated for cancer drive herself to the GP because she said I always panicked and that she had a cold.  Right after she left his office I got a call at work for the Dr. and he said he had already made arrangements for me to get her back in the hospital 60 miles away.  That she had gone into a form of leukemia.  Driving home, putting a few things together, telling the neighbor to tell my husband, her stepfather, where we were we started our hour and fifteen minute drive to the hospital.  They let us stay together in an outpatient type of lodging and she was to check in for the daily scheduling of tests.  That night I get a call from home that my husband, an alcoholic, had gone to the neighbors across the street and got drunk and fell on his way back across the street and was in the hospital at home with a very bad broken leg.  So all week long I run back and forth between hospitals  60 miles apart getting what he needs and back to be with my daughter at night.  My daughter was a Jr. in High School and had been crowned the Miss St. Stephens beauty queen the year before and this Friday coming up was to be the crowning of the new queen so she told her Doctors that she had to be home for the weekend.  They told her OK but to report back Monday morning. Which we did and they continued giving her chemo and when Friday came she told her Doctors that her Jr. Sr. Dance was that Saturday and that she was going.  By now they are letting her call the shots and she and her boyfriend went to her first Jr./ Sr. Prom and had a wonderful time.  The next Monday they put her in the regular hospital and on Thursday  they open her up and sewed her back up because the cancer had spread all through her body.  In the hospital we have a his side and my side of the family.  Her father who is also an alcoholic comes and is very rude to me.  I go out of the room and let him talk to her.  Her assistant Dr. is standing in the hall with me and we see her put her arm around her father's neck and she says Please quit drinking and be good to Mama.  My husband then is there in a cast and has to use a wheel chair to stay off the leg.  Again, I feel so alone.  On Saturday night she starts spitting up blood and the nurse calls code blue.  I look into her eyes and I know that that is when we said "Goodbye".  I never saw her after that.  They rushed her to ICU.  In the hall I fall to my knees and start saying , Thank You God, thank you God.  I had read in the bible to thank God for everything.  In my heart I truly felt that even if she died he would bring her back to life.    Like I said there was a his side of relatives and a my side of family.  His was in the waiting room and mine was in a long hall.  I had had no sleep in days and somebody brought a cot.  I remember lying on the cot and a Security person came up and used a billy stick and hit my cot and said, "I told you to move."  I stood up and drug the cot into the waiting room where his family and a lot of strangers were.  That is where I was at 6:00 AM that Monday morning when the Dr. came out and told me she had gone home.   I asked everyone to follow me... Later I understood they all did to appease me.  Doctors and all went with me to the chapel.  I took the rose that her boy friend had brought and took it to the alter and said, " We give this rose back to you...... God spoke through me... I do not know what I said but I was told everyone was amazed with the flow of words that came out of my mouth.  I also remember at her funeral looking us and smiling at the preacher to give him strength to deliver her sermon.  All these things I could not do in my human flesh.  Only by Jesus coming through me by the  Holy Sprit could I have done the things that I did.   (Your Mother my be right) From the entry,"A Strange Response".

Awesome TRUE Story!!!

        Do you recall when I asked for some of you to submit stories to be published here? I wasn't kidding. Even if you "think" you can't write,send them to me. I will not change them. What follows is a story from a friend. This was written back in February. I am currently involved in trying to get this person to write their life story. It is SOOO different from mine, this person has reffered to me as a "big brother" at times. Now read, and experience LIFE!


Please forgive me for rambling but I feel that we have gotten to know each other quite well. I have just witnessed God's work in a 72 year old man. He had 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 14 great grand-grandchildren. In the beginning he raised his family as a pool hustler. Worked in the downtown pool room for many years. He wasn't a gambler to him shooting pool was a business; a way to support his family. The other side of this man was an artist. I don't know when he started painting but I do know he was self taught. Up the street from the pool hall, around the corner was our local art museum and he would go there and study the old masters. Most of the Savings & Loans Companies and Banks had several of his paintings as well law offices. One time the Charlotte TV station came to Hickory to interview him and it started out with the balls bursting on the table and later they walked up the street and around the corner where some of his paintings hung.

Over the years he allowed alcohol to take control of his life and he lost not only his first family but his second. The years were not good to him. He continued to smoke and drink and began to loose his health. But as I understand it about 2 years ago he told this pastor that he had been drinking and heard an explosion and God speak "I am who I am". and from that moment own he never touched a drink again. One year ago he went to this pastor and told him God was changing him. You see this man had always painted landscapes in heavy oils. He handed the pastor an abstract in watercolor of his interpretation of The King and he told the pastor he wanted to be baptized again. The pastor said as he looked at this old wrinkled man that he knew he was witnessing God at work. The love that he gave to his children and grandchildren over these past few years are a real blessing to them.

On Jan. 3rd this man was diagnosed with lung cancer and died Feb.1st. less than 30 days and yes I was told he smoked up until the last.

You see I just returned home from the funeral of a man I was married to years ago. I saw around his casket 5 of the most beautiful paintings I had ever seen of one man's interpretation of the Cross and Life as God sees us. I didn't know this man in his later years but I came away knowing that we should never give up on anyone or ourselves.


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Who are You?

"Who are You"? A simple question? Not really. Most people will simply give you their name when asked this question. I don't care WHAT your name doesen't matter to me.  WHO ARE YOU?  Who are you,what do you believe in? Why are you here? Why are ANY of us here for that matter!? What is your answer to these questions?

     You read these little pages, and know a lot about me...not everything,but a lot. I know nothing about most of the people who read these pages. Are you rich? Are you poor? Are you male? Are you female? American,British,French,Canadian,Spanish,Mexican,Russian,Chinese,Japanese?? We are so many different people...and, yet, the same. I have never understood how people can simply kill each other like it means nothing to them. That could be you lying there.

          I think that humans are the only animal that kill purely for pleasure. And, worst of all, we kill our own kind! For NO reason! OK,,drugs,relationships,and guns are NOT reasons to kill people! War...nope,not a good excuse either. Yeah,I hear you in the back, but I do live in the real world. I know all of these things go on all of the time. There is no way that I can stop them. The only way to stop ANY of these things is to completely do away with human emotions. We have not evolved that far yet.

            Is that really a good idea? No emotions for anyone? What about love? What about caring for each other? What about Art? Paintings,Songs,Poetry,Sonnets,Plays,anything that evokes emotions? Okay, so that idea is out. So, who are you? Why are we here?

          I fear we will never know the answers to either question. Feel free to respond,if you can!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Kids who know "everything"

       Wednesday,my little grand-daughter was here at my home. Nothing very special about that in itself, a usual occurence you might say. But she was in the back bedroom with my youngest daughter,and her friend,who were playing video-games. I kept hearing the grand-daughter fussing at them both.

        So,I call her into the living room. After a few minutes,she shows up,standing by the chair,with her hand on her hip. " What do you want?" she says firmly. I am sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee,and I tell her to come to me. "No",she says. "I already know".

         I ask her, "what do you know"?  "Everything", she says! I promptly told her that I was sorry for bothering her,and if she knows "everything", then I can add nothing else! She stuck her nose up in the air,stomped her foot,and went right back to what she was doing! She is only four years old. The reason she said she knows "everything" is because she KNEW I was going to tell her to settle down,and play nicely. I didn't hear anymore noise from the back room,so..........................

Monday, July 19, 2004

A Strange Response

        Before my mother passed away,I was talking on the phone with her one night. She was in one of her better moods. The conversation got around to religion. I said that I didn't want to talk about it....she persisted. She wanted to know just what I thought of all of it. I really tried to get her to stop---I just didn't think she was ready to hear how I felt about religion. Still,she continued to press me.

         So,I told her,religion is just a scam. It's crap,and I don't believe in it,hell,even the Bible was written by Man. She laughed......a lot. I told her that I just wasn't all that religious,never was,and would never be!! She only laughed harder.

           My mother told me that my entire life was about being religious. She claims that the very fact that I spread my dis-belief is proof that I am working for God. I tell her that I don't get that at all! She said that God was "using" me to test other people's faith. By me making them question my beliefs, it only served to strengthen their own beliefs. Yeah,I didn't get it either....I told you at the start that my mom was a nut.

            You want something stranger than that?? She was not the first one to say that to me! Wierd,huh??

Long Trip

      You wake up with a start! My God! I'm on my bike!! Need to stay awake! You are riding with about 30 other bikers,it's night. The roar of the bikes,and the whine of the tires on the road have caused you to doze off for a split second....that could be just enough time to kill you. You have been riding all need a Up ahead,you see an all night diner,the guys up front signal to turn in. Not a minute to soon,you tell yourself.

     Pick-up trucks in the gravel driveway...never a good sign. Everyone parks,stretches,and heads inside. We're tired,hungry,and just want a break from our "steel horses". When we walk in,everyone in the place stares at us. They see the big black boots, the leather outfits,the long hair,the bloodshot eyes. They stare,but they don't say anything...yet. You look around, you know that they all heard you coming from two miles out. It sounded like thunder rumbling in the distance. The two old men at the counter talked about the coming rain. They were wrong;there is a storm brewing,but there won't be any rain this night.

         Remember those pick-up trucks? Local boys, "yokels" as we like to call them. You see them in the booth in the far back; six,by my count. Not enough to be a problem. But they love to talk,just loud enough for you to hear. Hell,I would spot them two of their's to one of me!! Mostly talk,they want some trouble,but are afraid of our numbers. You think to yourself,if only one biker came through here,he would be a target. That thought makes you mad,mad enough to fight.

          Suddenly,I feel my uncle,and one other guy with a hand on each shoulder,pushing me back in the booth where we are sitting. My uncle says, "don't start the trouble". "Watch for it,be ready when it comes,and don't take any shit when it does come". "But never start it....never give them the satisfaction of thinking that they were right".

             This night,the "yokels" were lucky. There was one person in that diner who didn't care if he got out alive,and damn sure didn't worry about them getting out alive. The fire that burned that night was white-hot,and ready to explode. I never did like loud-mouthed assholes,and never will. Think about this page the next time you stare at a biker...we have feelings too. People just sometimes bring out the wrong ones. Then,storms happen..................

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A little known Subject

           If you have read from the beginning(March 30),then you may be asking....where was your dad in all of this? Good question!!  I met my real dad maybe three times in my entire life. Scum,deadbeat,drunk,piece of shit no good lowdown thieving scum bag. Yeah,that works. Never knew him that well,and didn't miss anything.

           I was contacted here recently,while searching for one of my brothers. Seems my dad's sister got ahold of my phone number from all of my calling,and decided to call me. Seems "dear ol' Dad" is in bad shape,and "needs" me. He even lives next door to the sister that called me!! He couldn't call? Too good to talk to me? My mom might have did some not-so-good things,but she at least made an effort to raise us,no matter how badly she failed at it.

           This piece of crap wants ME to come help HIM?? You must be kidding me! Write me a letter when he dies,then you MIGHT get a response. Where was he when I was growing up? Where was some child-support? Where was HE to teach me the things that my mother taught me? Shooting,hunting,tracking,fighting,cussing,and other "guy" things? What have we learned today,kiddies??

            That one person REALLY CAN carry enough hate in his heart to fuel the entire world!! Are other families as fucked-up as mine was?? I was here for both of MY children! Yes,I have always had mental issues! I have always told my doctor about them,and actively sought help for them. I do my best to completely spoil both of my daughters,maybe because I had it so rough coming up. I also have told both of my girls all along that there is a very cruel world outside our little two acres,and no one gives a damn if they make it or not!

              That sounds mean,I know. But you know as well as I do,it is the naked truth. No one gives a damn if you live or die. I happen to be one of those people. Everyone I walk past is just a "blip". A light waiting to be extinguished. Just fools taking up space in MY world. Don't look to me for help if you stumble in the one ever gave me anything,why should I give YOU anything? If I don't know ya,screw ya! I couldn't care less if you drew another breath.  This hasbeen made very clear to both of my daughters. NO ONE outside this family will help you.

                People certainly love to kick you when you are down. It seems like a sport these days. A sport without any referees,that is. People killing other people,stealing millions from people,and other heinous crimes,only to buy their way out of trouble with high-priced lawyers. Some doctors say that I am the sick one....get real! They say that I am paranoid,cynical,cold-hearted.....whatever. I prefer to say that I am a realist...I see things just as they are. No sugar-coating,just cold,hard,truth.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Life Lessons

Life Lessons...what are they?? Well,they are the lessons that you only need to learn one time. There are MANY of these! We will only cover a couple,because of  constraints on time,and space here.

     My first life lesson for you is that Bikers have a warped,twisted sense of humor. I learned this at a tender young age! The older Harley Davidsons had an item in the ignition system(I think),that helped make the spark for the plugs. It was called a "capacitor". I am not really sure exactly what it did,my uncle was the mechanic,I was simply his "gopher" at the time.

        Seems that a capicitor can store a LOT of electrical energy without discharging it until asked to do so. A LOT OF ENERGY!!!! Trust me on this one,ok? So, one day,I am helping my uncle,and some of the other guys...they are working on one of their bikes. Knowing ahead of time that I would show up at about this time,they have been running the bike,and taken the capacitor off. It now is lying on a work-bench,full of electricity.

        So, my uncle says,"hey kid,give me that silver thing right there". No problem,I simply grab it up,and promptly get EVERY SINGLE MOLECULE IN MY BODY RE-ARRANGED!!!! Them bikers---lots of fun!!Like I said,you only need to learn that one ONCE!!

         Now,here is another. On a cold morning,kick-starting a cold Harley is NOT a good idea. No one back then had electric start. I had always heard the guys tell horror stories about some poor fellow letting his foot slip off of the kick-start pedal,and getting his leg broken when it sprung back,and hit him.

          I always swore that this would NEVER happen to me! And it never did. But one cool,crisp,lightly frosted Autumn morning,I learned another life-lesson. A bunch of us were about to go on a weekend  cruise. We were all ready,packed up,and some of the fellas had their bikes running. I kicked mine twice,and flooded it. The big Mikuni side-draft carb was always hungry for fuel,today was no exception.

             Imagine my surprise when,on the third kick,she decided to kick back!! Now imagine my surprise when it threw me over the handle-bars!!!! That's right,all 150 pounds of me hit the street in front of my bike! Helmet?? Are you kiddin? My uncle come over,bent down,and asked very softly,so no one else could hear "you ok?" I said yes. He promptly yelled that when I was finished "Kissin' the Pavement",would I please get on my bike,I was holding everyone up!!

             Yep,them boys was a real hoot!!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

The Finality of it All

         This little ramble is dedicated to my mother. I have STILL not put her name here,even after her un-timely death,it will NOT be printed here.Sorry,that's just the way it is. I guess that everything was made final a couple of days ago---her death certificate came in the mail. I guess that kind of "finalizes" the deal. "Done,and Done" as we used to say.

          It is strange...I spoke to her just two days before they called to say that she was in a coma,induced from too many valiums. That is very strange. My mom has taken valiums since the 60's! She was addicted to them. Every doctor she ever went to would give her refill after refill. She NEVER saw a "head doctor",NEVER!! These fuckin' idiots would just fill her prescription anytime she wanted!   WHY???

           Simple,they didn't care about her mental state---they only cared about LINING THEIR POCKETS!!! That's right,I said it. Anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my ass! I have NEVER sugar-coated ANYTHING here for ANYONE;I refuse to start now! For every stupid ass,greedy,pathetic,scum-sucking,low-down,snake-oil-selling,back-alley,piece-of-shit,so-called  "doctor" out there,who never check a patient,but just prescribe medicine because the patient "wants it"; I hope there is a special place reserved in HELL for YOU!! If there is a HELL, I hope people like you find your way there!! If you can't tell,you disgust me!!

              Excuse me,slightly used soap-box for sale,cheap!!

Things that Back-fire on You!!

       Remember me getting my wife a couple of tattoos the weekend of the fourth?? I was really amped about it,she had bothered me to death about it. I really wanted her to have one,and it took a lot of convincing that it wouldn't hurt her. Well,that stuff just blew up in my face!! LOL

        Now that she has two,and they are healed,she wants another!! I forgot to tell her that they CAN be addictive. It's cool,though,I'll let her get as many as she wants!! Yes,she is THAT DAMN COOL!! I can't think of any other girl I would rather be with right now than her!! Yes,she catches me "looking",and she smacks the shit outta' me for it. She knows that I am not going anywhere. Besides,she has me trained,and I don't think she would give up on all of that work!!

         I tease her,but I love her un-conditionally. She sends me E-Cards every day on the pc...I think that is truly a sweet thing to do! She is a tough old girl,and cute,too! My oldest daughter,and I were teasing here about a waiter in a restaraunt looking at her backside one day!! I could have been jealous,but,hey,if a man looks at my wife and smiles....well. Just as long as he keeps movin',there won't be any problems!!

         Have a good weekend,folks,and treat each other with some respect,ok?

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stupid People

           Let's talk about stupid people. It's not their fault,you know. It just happens to be a birth defect,I think. A couple of weeks ago,a guy really flamed me on the boards of my favorite site that I belong to. If I had done anything to deserve it,I would have let it go. Fact is,I wasn't even on-line that day,having been at the doctor's office that day. So this jerk-wad gets up the courage to flame me!!

         Good for him! At least he was smart enough to do it on-line!! Real-life scenario---he never would have finished his utterly stupid comment. First,I would have stopped him,secondly,it is extremely hard to speak when you are busy swallowing your own teeth! It may be cool to be tough on-line,but I say that it WILL catch up to this moron sooner or later! He will continue to piss people off on-line,and get brave in the real world....bad career move!

           I don't like bullies,and I simply cannot stand people who hide behind a computer terminal,and spout stupid shit to other people,knowing that they can't be found! This asshole even got pissed-off that I tried to re-buff him! He said that he NEVER wanted to hear from me I wrote back to him!! He kept writing letters to me all day! I only wrote back to him just to see how long he would keep on going!! For someone who didn't want to hear from me,he sure wrote a lot of letters!!  I love stupid people! He was too stupid to realize that I was just stringing him along. Dumb-ass jock! Only if he stuck a finger in his ass,would he have a brain!!


                                       Holla' If You Hear Me!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2004

My Generation

          My Generation. Let me see. We had NO video games,NO computers,NO bottled water,NO cell phones. We lived....thrived even! When we were kids,being little in the country,we actually threw dirt-chunks at each other. Sometimes,yes,we would connect! Yes,there were bruises,black eyes,and the occasional broken bones. No one ever sued the neighbors because their kid hit your kid. Either the kids had it out,or the dads talked(or fought),to settle things.

         Slip on something in the store? People didn't lay there untill 15 paramedics arrived,in five different ambulances. We actually got up,and were sometimes embarrassed at our own clumsiness! Guys could get into fights at bars,and no one would get shot. You might get hauled away by the local cops,and spend the night in jail to cool off. You might even have to pay a fine for "disturbing the peace",but that was about it.

          Kids didn't show up at school with their own phones!!! The ONLY people who had "beepers",or "car phones" were doctors! These were the ONLY people who could park anywhere! Some of them would even come to your house if you were sick!(I have actually had the vetranarian come out before,if the old doctor couldn't be found). My 12 year old daughter actually said that SHE needed a cell-phone for school!!! She was promptly told that she was out of her mind!! NO school student is THAT damn important!!

          Kids these days are too damn spoiled!! I know kids that take at least $20.00 to school EVERY day!! What for?? I live in a small town,kids don't need that much money! And what about these kids that show up at school with brand-new vehicles? I am talking about $30,000 to $50,000 cars and pick-ups!! What ever happened to kids working in the summer to get some old jalopy,so they could customize it? I did it! Hell,I even rode a Harley in High-School! No one bought it out-right for me. I had to work for it----and it didn't hurt me one little bit!

            If you are a teen-ager reading this,then I bet you don't show it to your parents!!! Kids these days are wusses! You have it too damn easy....and you know it!

Monday, July 5, 2004


         Well,Sunday,July 4th was my wedding anniversary. I have been married to my wife for 22 years now. She has told me for some time now that she wanted a tattoo....not like mine,but something that SHE picked out. I could live with that. So,we decided that this weekend would be her time.

        I not only talked her into A tattoo,I talked her into TWO!!  I figured,"what the hell?" She may never do this again,so do it right! Well,to make a short story long,she got one on each arm; Both were sets of Harley Wings. She loves them,I love HER!! I tried to tell her that she was tough enough to do it. She was kind of afraid. I explained to her that whatever she had made up in her mind was not what it would be like!

           Once the lady tattoo artist got started,a smile came over my wife's face....I knew right then that all of her fears had been put to rest. Now,don't get the wrong idea...this artist WILL NOT work on you if you are drunk. You must be sober,or be able to pass yourself off as such. Besides,it doesn't hurt! Don't believe me? That's ok,more tattoos for me!! Are they small tattoos? NO!! She said if she was going to do it,they would have to be big enough to see at a distance!! And they are!

             A few months back,I wrote here that you should NEVER have to look back on your life,and ask "what if?" I meant she knows,and she will never have to look back,and wonder,"what if I had gotten at least ONE tattoo?"

            C'mon,folks!! Opportunities don't come to go to them!! Either that,or you make them! Carpe Diem!

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Words For My Friend

       A while back,I asked people to send me their stories,and I would put them here,if they let me. This is from a friend I have on-line. I will use no names,other than what are in the story,as I don't want to cut it up. Here,in it's entirity is my friend's story.....enjoy.


Patsy, Our friend has gone home. She will surly be missed. In 1998 after spending 65 days in ICU
I was diagnosed with COPD and sent home on oxygen. I found the COPD Support group on the internet.
Back then the group wasn't as large as today. I met Patsy through the chat room. Both being
from North Carolina and then we found out we were only 60 miles apart. We began talking
over the phone and supporting one another. That first year I had so much to learn and was so
scared. Patsy consoled me and taught me so much. One night I was having a heart scare and
she kept me on the phone for an hour to make sure I was all right after taking a certain medicine.
Finally we got to meet and she introduced me to her dear friend and now my friend, Carol Richardson.
Through these last five years we have gone through many ups and downs, shared many emails,
laughed and cried together. Each had several hospital stays during this period. 2 nights ago
Patsy called me and told me she was in the hospital and that the Dr. had told her she had
already lived 5 years longer that expected. She told me then she didn't think it would be
long before the end would come. Her voice sounded strong and so when I got the news
tonight that Patsy had died I was shocked. Just didn't expect it to be so soon. But, I
know now that was why she called me so late Thursday night, so I would have a chance to
say "goodbye". She told me that she loved me and I told her the same.

Remember to tell your friends and family that you love them often.
I love my E-friend very much,and this person has even said that I am like a big brother to them. Please read the story,and learn something from it.