Monday, August 2, 2010

News From the Homefront

It is with mixed feelings that I write this entry. I have two news-worthy items, both from opposite ends of the spectrum of life. First off...on Sunday, May 30th, we buried my stepdad. I say "we"; only I and my little half-brother were in attendance. Two people showed up at a man's funeral, and they came out of an obligation. I hated the man, but never felt so sorry for someone. He wanted to be cremated, and his remains buried next to his mother. I have no idea why, he treated her like shit in life; why would he be any different in death?

Here is the other news...out of death comes life. My youngest daughter is pregnant! She is about two months along. My wife is about to kill her boyfriend, but I have managed to keep them apart. I must admit that I was very pissed-off when I was told. I have two reasons why I am not still mad...she is 18 years old, and can do as she pleases, and I don't want her upset while she is pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am still mad, especially after all of the warnings to both of them about protection, and my quote of "don't bring no babies back here". That did no good at all.

Well, that is about all, except that our house is being filled to the brim with baby stuff; clothes, bottles, a babybed, and other essentials. The child will never want for anything, at least not as long as I walk this Earth. It will be spoiled as equally as my other grandchildren. Goodbye, untill you hear from me next!