Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love, the Timeless Heartache

Love....what is it? An emotion? A feeling? A state of mind? A lasting, or fleeting, thing? A problem to be solved? Something that science can put down to a couple of chemical interactions? No, love is a state of the heart, that small, constantly beating muscle in our chests. The ONE ORGAN that we cannot be without, and it is susceptible to be affected by LOVE...how convienent!

I was in love once, with a beautiful person. Not anymore. I have learned a valuable lesson, one that I already knew, but let go of. Love is bullshit! Love is for fools and incompetents! Love will stomp all over your heart, and leave it broken and bloodied! I used to worship a certain person in my life, untill they hurt me.

Now, there is NO FORGIVENESS for that person. To rip out my heart in that manner, then act like it was nothing! To constantly tell me to "just get over it". I can't! I devoted my heart and soul, (if I have one), to this person. I will never love anyone like that again, NEVER! I have learned that people are full of shit, and no one is to be trusted!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here I Am Again

What is happening? I am still around, so get used to it. Not much to say, the depression is still weighing heavy on my mind, so things are a little slow at the moment. I just can't seem to put together too many thoughts at this time. I hope all of you are fine out there. I am also about to change my ideals about writing and drinking. Mostly about drinking, then writing here! The drink seems to be the only thing to bring happiness, or any relief, at this point in time. Yeah, I know all of the old sayings..."I don't NEED to drink, I WANT to drink". And all of that bullshit! I fear I will never recover from the shit that my wife pulled...I still hate her for that. Cutting my throat would have been better...at least I wouldn't have to live with this shit! I should have done something to her for payback!