Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free and Easy

That's me, free and easy right now. As I sit here with my speakers filled with music, and a little hope in my heart. I have a new on-line friend, her name is "Boink"! She is a beautiful little doggy from the great nation of Canada! She(her owner) is a great personality, and I love her posts on Facebook.

I am all alone, and sort of digging it today! I have no way of knowing just WHY I am enjoying it more than usual, I just am. Things are quiet for now, and except for the music which is deafening me right now, not much is going on here in the heart of "The Dirty South". You know what people say..."American by birth, Southern by the grace of God".

Next month marks the eigth year of my beautiful friend Jean quitting smoking. We lost Jean a couple years back due to COPD. I still miss you Miss Jean, I really do! Well, time for me to go dig in my freezer for my booze! I will "see" all of you later.

The Old Dragon Master

Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Events

...There aren't any!!! Everything is flowing smoothly. The new grandbaby is growing nicely. She is almost seven months, and can already crawl anywhere she wants to go. She is nineteen pounds in weight, and can eat whatever she wants...(within reason). My older grandchildren are doing fine in school, and otherwise. They both seem to be gifted at school.

I am about the same as before. Change seems to come slowly for me if at all. That is good, as I hate change! The days and nights are a lot cooler now, and that is a relief! We had too many days of the temperature being over 100 degrees, and the nights in the nineties! Well, enough for now, I will be back later!