Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Days Ahead!

Hello, and welcome! Hey, sit down in the back and shut up...I'll get to you in a minute! Well, the youngest girl of mine finally graduated from school! It was an uphill fight for me and her mother to get her to finish. She lost too much time having the baby, and the last two weeks were just a pure fight to make her finish. We had to convince her each morning to go to school. She just knew she was wasting her time, and would never make up all of the work she missed! Well, she did, but it was a battle. When she got her diploma, I finally let my breath out! My God, she finally made it!

She also got married to the baby's daddy. I will spare you the details of how we felt about that..........suffice it to say that she could do better; much better. She moved out about three weeks ago. Now the baby is in the hospital with pnuemonia. She has been in since last Friday, and may get to go home on Monday, maybe.

Well, summer is definetly here! Temps of 100 and more are here! Don't worry, it is normal for here. I am going to find something cold to drink. Have I told you that I keep whiskey in the freezer to keep it cold? Try it, it doesn't freeze, so you have nothing to worry about. Beer doesn't work, so don't try that, and blame me for a mess in your freezer!

Later dayz, boys and girls!