Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Day

Hello, and welcome to all...both of you who still read here!!!!!!! I am happy because my new video game comes out Friday...and I pre-ordered it ahead of time. The game is "The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim". From the tv ads I have seen, it will by far be the best in the series to date! I will be glad to have it.

My youngest daughter is living with us for right now...maybe forever. Her husband cannot seem to keep the lights on at their house. The baby cannot stay where there is no electricity! So, for now, mother and child are here. My wife cannot stand the hubby. As for me? I am not too fond of him, either. I would love to go buck wild on him for a bit. Anyway...

Not too much else to say. I seem to not be counted as "normal"...I come here with my problems, not Facebook. I like a couple of the games over there, but the rest is just a collosal waste of time. I am listening to Elton John. Isn't he Knighted? I should say "Sir" Elton John. Well, holla if you want to, or not, it's no snot out of my nose!!!!!!