Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life Is Good

Things are going well here. I still need to write to my Uncle. Nothing important, I  just like to keep him up to date on whatever is happening in my life. No special reason for this course of action, just fun, I guess. Since I last wrote here, I have purchased a special turntable for putting my records onto my computer. I have listened to cd's for far too long. I had forgotten about the hissing and popping on records!!! I guess that is two of the reasons for switching to cd's!

        My youngest daughter has aquired a job at the local K-Mart! This is her first real job, and so far she loves it! I hope she continues to do well at it. My oldest daughter continues to vex me. She clearly has something wrong with her health, but refuses to see a doctor! I have spoken to her repeatedly about this issue. She just shines me on, and says "ok daddy". This course of action is getting her nowhere! I can only hope she does something before it is too late for her...

          Well, I just cranked up some Lenny Kravitz...Later dayzzzzz kiddies! Remember, He who dares, wins!

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