Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heroes or Not?

I am sick to death about hearing that all cops are heroes! The majority of them are PIGS! They are scum, and not worthy to be called "hero". Cops do illegal shit, and then lie for each other. Hell, they don't even deserve the time I am devoting writing this!

          On a more positive note, I am trying to alter some of my eating habits. Because of the diabetes, and whatnot. I tried tofu for the first time today. I think the liners in my shoes have a better taste! It was worth trying, so I will try to stick to it for now.

        Everyone is doing well. I recently bought a Kinnect motion sensor for my XBOX 360. I am actually surprised at how well it works! Vinny and Roze just love it. I am glad to see them playing with it! Till later, folks!

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